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Hollywood area doctors?

Asked by Judi (39865points) January 8th, 2009

My son needs to find a psychiatrist who takes medicare (not medi-cal) in Hollywood, CA. Long story why he is on medicare, but he is having a heck of a time and really needs his meds. I thought I asked a question like this before but I can’t find it. The Medicare directory is out of date.

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Try using this website to find a doctor in the area. (Note: I have no affiliation with that company). It does however list the people who specialize in psychiatry and their insurance compatibility. Best of luck.

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That website couldn’t even find any psychiatrists in LA. Not working real great, but thanks for trying.

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Hmm, I found one in Hollywood alone (though, it didn’t indicate that she accepted MediCare). Is that what you mean?

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Maybe I’m not using the search engine right, but it seemed to offer less info than

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Here is what I mean. I put in psychiatrist, CA, Hollywood and that is what I got. Of course, you know his ZIP code and areas nearby, so, that might help broaden the scope of the search.

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