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Costumes that start with the letter "A"?

Asked by Brew805 (150points) January 8th, 2009

My girlfriend, Alicia, is having a birthday party where you have to come dressed as something that starts with the letter “a”. I’m having a heck of a time figuring something out where I can throw a costume together in 2 days that isn’t as crazy as an armadillo or something. Thanks for any help!

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Apple. :P

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Damn it. I was going to say (Holiday) Armadillo.

Adam (and Eve)?
Al Capone?
Alicia? Cop-out answer. But potentially funny.

Any phobia beginning with the letter A.

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Alphabet (or Alphabet Soup)- put cutout letters all over yourself.

Autumn – use some colorful fall silk leaves from the craft store

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Austin Powers?
Who couldn’t resist being the international man of mystery ? :)

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Alice in Wonderland
Alvin (the chipmunk)

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Ace of Hearts
Artistic License
Angelina Jolie

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Dress as an aardvark and you’ll be the coolest person alive.

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Aston Martin Salesperson
Active Bacteria found in healthy yoghurt drinks
Alice Cooper (yeah, welcome them to your nightmare)
Archie Bunker (make the meatball comments)
Artsie Fartsie Guy
Albert Lee (bring a telecaster)
Acne Man (if you’re young all you have to get is a cape)
Aaron Carter (you found out, i’ve got a crush on you)

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alice in wonderland
alice cooper
alaska (for sarah palin’s sake)
art piece

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@iwamoto yeah, a lot of thought went into that one!

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ah, took me just a few minutes, my brain is like an active vulcano…

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@iwamoto creativity is beautiful art.

again, back to A words, uh, art… :)

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Adam Sandler (do the mister deeds thing with a black foot)
Angus Young (you know, schoolboy uniform and gibson SG)
Amy Whinehouse (be sure to look extra skanky)
Alex Trebek (he’s the dude from jeopardy right ? make sure to do something with that)
Anarchist Kid (decide if you want an actual mohawk)
Alpha (you remember him right ? the little robot from The Mighty Morphin PowerRangers)
Axl Rose (old or new ? it’s up to you, if old, take a kilt)

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Augustus Cesar (can you say toga?)
Angry Mob (I see multiple Halloween masks)

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How about something with a scarlet letter?

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artist (but there will be several of those)
Ajax can

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Agoraphobic. Just put a fake house over your head.

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“April showers bring May flowers”

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