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Does your current job position/career complement or reflect your personality?

Asked by Siren (3404points) January 8th, 2009

In most cases, we pick a job or career which reflects our own interests and personality traits. For example, if a person is outgoing and enjoys the company of others they may seek a job in public relations or sales. Do you think your current job or career reflects your personality traits? If not, and you are not seeking a more appropriate career/job, what are some “coping” mechanisms you have developed for aspects of your job which don’t gell well with your personality? For example,for myself I recognize that I am curious and enquisitive about things and people, and it seems to work well with one aspect of my job, which is to find out more about clients and their business, so I can do my job better. Does anyone care to share their own introspections on their jobs and careers? Any comments are welcome.

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Currently, I’m a student, but I’m looking to go into psychiatry…

Well, many say that most psychiatrists have some sort of disorder themselves :) or just are really eccentric. I’ve had my own fair share of personal experiences (both with myself, family members, and friends) with psychiatric disorders and I know I can help out a lot of people.

Plus, it’s just something that I’m interested in and I enjoy learning about it.

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I’ve heard the same seekingwolf (about psychiatrists). Thanks for your comment.

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I’m a career military member and I like my profession because of the teamwork and camaraderie that I share with everyone in my unit. Along with this, there is a definable structure in much of my work environment and how we complete mission directives and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in everything we do together.

As far as the specifics of my chosen skill in the military, it is law enforcement and this is something that I’ve enjoyed and had an interest in all my life.

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@Blue: nice answer Blue. To me law enforcement means helping keep the peace and order in society, being a helpful element in society. Would that be another reason you enjoy your career field (just guessing here).

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It’s a combination of things really. In law enforcement, you certainly get the opportunities to help people which is enjoyable and satisfying and you also get the excitement of doing things that are sometimes above and beyond the call of duty and that is interesting also.

From a good samaritan type of perspective (for lack of a better description), being able to intervene and make a difference in emergency situations and apprehend violators and criminals and assisting in maintaining law and order is certainly worthwhile also.

As far as just the military in general, I love the United States and everything she stands for (although there are many problems that need to be addressed and corrected) and the military has given me the opportunity to proudly and honorably serve my country for over 20 years and that is very meaningful to me.

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I’m unemployed… :(

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@Blue: well-put.

@Asmonet: Sorry to read that. I hope you find a job soon!

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I like (parts of) my job because it comes naturally to me and I really enjoy it. Sucky thing is the time and place I’m stuck doing it in are ass-backwards.

It’ll be better when I move somewhere else.

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I still have every letter and every bill and bank statement that I received since I was 18. My books are all organized by subject and author. I’m lazy as hell, and am always looking for labor-saving ways to do things. Is it any wonder I have ended up as a librarian specializing in data?

I need to get a scanner, and scan all these things, and then I won’t need so many file cabinets!

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I do the same daloon, probably not going back to 18 though. Does this mean I should have been a librarian too, or an archivist? Are they essentially the same?

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Yes it reflect but in a bad way….............

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@Siren, maybe. At least something that requires strong organization skills, and the ability to use external systems to remember things. What do you do? Are you a consultant of some kind?

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Yes, I’m a consultant, but more in the creative realm of industry. No number-crunching, no data storing. :)

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I’m a technical person. I like gadgets and computers and doing things methodically and correctly. I like my alone time also. I work in a lab-type/office setting where attention to detail and technical aspects are very important so I would say my personality definitely compliments my job. I didn’t choose it however, which is the weird part it just kind of happened.

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@qualitycontrol: Well, I’m glad you somehow got the job that suited you. Karma?

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No. My job position/career reflects what I can make the most money for with the least effort. I’m a corporate whore.

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Well-said, Cwilbur! I admire your introspection, or disclosure, or______(fill in the blank)
anyone have a theosaurus handy?

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Candor? Self-awareness? Directness? Terseness?

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@siren: what do you mean?

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@qualitycontrol: It seems you need some kind of clarification. Could you be more specific? ie “What do you mean about…....”

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I work at a fish store and volunteer at the camden aquarium so id say yes :)

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My career in publications definitely suits my talents, interests, and personality. But my present position is borderline intolerable. Don’t underestimate the importance of the working environment in how comfortable you are with what you do.

The only thing worse than having a job is not having a job.

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I totally agree with @Jeruba…I’m going on 2 months without a job, and I’m going bonkers without things to do during the day (at least school starts soon!).

I would say that I haven’t yet found a job that reflects my personality, ‘cuz I’m so weird. :)

I do know that repetitive jobs and/or jobs that don’t want you do much or do busy work are very against my personality, but that’s most entry-level jobs.

I’d like to find a job that changes often and needs me to work for a long time—I’m not one of those “short bursts” types. I like having my brain engaged for a length of time.

I also know that I’d rather have a job I hate with some awesome people than a job I love with horrible people. I’ve had both, and I could definitely stand the first much easier than the latter, even though both were entry-level, repetitive, menial labor-type jobs.

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