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What video games would you suggest?

Asked by Jack79 (11004points) January 8th, 2009

Ok, so I am constantly on the road with a 1.7GH laptop with 512RAM and a crappy onboard card. I’ve been playing “Heroes of Might and Magic III” for the past couple of months, plus some of these casual free-download games before that. But I need something to get my mind off things and so it must be addictive if possible.

So what are the great games out there? What is everyone playing? I’d obviously prefer older games so they can run on the laptop, but I’ll set up my normal PC in a couple of weeks, so new ones would do too. The problem is I haven’t found anything that seems worthwhile in the shops.

Things I’ve loved in the past include various Turn-based strategy games (like Civilisation or the Heroes series) and various RPGs (again, the M&M series but also Gothic and NN1). As I mentioned in another thread, my favourite game of all time was Frontier: Elite 2, which is more of an RPG than a space sim. And I used to love Adventure games back in the “Monkey Island” era, but not newer things like Syberia and so on. I’d also go for a decent, highly addictive race game or something (I ejoyed NFSU and Flatout 2 for a while)

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Fallout 2, Civ 3 or IV.

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You also might try The Longest Journey.

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I have all of the above and they fall into the category of “install, have a look, keep it in mind for the time when I want to play something like that”.

Fallout2 would be a good choice I guess but it’s not what I’m looking for right now. Civ4 is basically like all the other civs plus some eye-candy, and I’ve played those extensively. And I got stuck on the Longest Journey, which is exactly the type of adventure story (ie from Gabriel Knight onwards) that has turned me off the genre. I’m not saying they are bad games, in fact they are magnificent. But I liked the Lucasarts ones better because they were more fun. Modern adventure games feel more like work. Which is great, but not for me right now.

Thanks for the suggestions though. Anything else you can think of? What are you playing right now?

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Civ IV makes a lot of gameplay improvements over Civ III, IMHO. What about classic Sam & Max? Or the new Sam & Max episodics?

How about the original Half Life? One of the best games ever made, even beyond the FPS genre.

I exclusively game on my Wii60 now.

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Resident Evil

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played the old Sam&Max, didn’t know about the new one. Might be worth a try. Didn’t finish Half Life, but played it quite a lot (and then of course CS came out). Thanks again :)

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its the greatest game ever and you know it….

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I’m going way back, but you can’t beat classics like Doom, Quake and Half-Life. You can probably run all 3 at once with no lag, but I have no idea why you’d want to do that.

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recently, i’ve really been into left 4 dead, but it didn’t seem like you’re very into first-person shooters.

for older adventure games, have you tried any of the myst series?

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If you’re looking for addicting there’s always Spore. It’s a sim game but not like The Sims. If nothing else, the Creature Creator can keep ya occupied.

Either way, heres a list of the most addicting PC games.

If you don’t want to click it I’ll post it here
#10 Roller Coaster Tycoon
#9 – Tribes
#8 – the Diablo series
#7 – the Quake series
#6 – Starcraft
#5 – the Warcraft series
#4 – Subspace
#3 – Command & Conquer Red Alert series
#2 – Counter-Strike
#1 – Everquest
Sorry if most of these may not help you, but I just REALLY wanted to make a list.

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Dude totally Diablo or Starcraft.

OR the army alternative is Red Alert.

Free download of the week: Pocket Tanks

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Red Alert 2 ftw.

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Oregon Trial and Left for Dead I’ve never heard of, so they might be worth looking into. These are the sort of answers I was hoping to get, telling me about games I’d never heard of before.

Your list is helpful Sakata, but we obviously have different tastes. I do like strategy, but not RTS really. Warcraft is pretty good but I’ve played it extensively. Come to think of it, it’s exactly the type of game I’m looking for, so it might be worth playing that for a while (I even have it installed).

No Adam, I was never into Myst. As I said, it’s the type of adventure game that drew me away from adventure games. But thanks for your ideas. All of you.

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How have you never heard of Oregon Trail?! Go look it up, believe me you wont be disappointed. Left for deads got nothin on this game

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It was made in 1971, even before I was born, that’s why. Though there seem to be new versions of it. The idea sounds interesting, I think I might like this one…

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I fucking love the Oregon Trail. Don’t travel in my pack though. People always die. I know… I can’t believe it either.

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Alpha Centauri or Pirates!

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Oregon trail is the shit.

Allie, i’d travel with you, and I’ll live. ;-)

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Thanks Kiev. You’re a brave soul. (Next time I play I’ll enter Kiev as a traveler and we’ll see what happens..)

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@EmpressPixie Has the best Sid Meier Games.

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@Kiev749 Ok, so I couldn’t find Oregon Trail online for some reason so I played Thule Roadtrip instead. You ended up leaving my car to join a traveling circus. I’m so sorry.

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found various sites that say you can download OT for free but none of them actually has a valid link. apparently it was developed as an educational tool for US schools (which is why I never heard of it).

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Oregon trail educational? lol4rl

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Duh, E, don’t you remember playing it on those old school computers in elementary school?

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Yes, but I didn’t learn a thing! The best way to play was to bring one hat and as many grandfather clocks as possible. That’s how it’s done.

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So you did learn something. Invest in hats and grandfather clocks! I never got a chance to learn anything. People kept dying and golden opportunities were missed in my wagon. I guess I learned to never be a doctor. I’d kill all my people.

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I learned to buy 99 boxes of ammunition and kill bears and buffalo. I also learned the importance of the forklift. Why else would the pioneers only be able to carry 200 lbs of meat back?

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ok, so OT is on my “to do” list. But still, what is everyone exited about right now? What is everyone addicted to? What are you looking forward to for 2009? I am spoilt for choice, I know, but I remember getting excited about games I never got the chance to play until they were already too old. Now I have the time (I don’t have to work until September) and I definitely need the distraction, so I want to get addicted again.

The closest thing (other than MMORPGs) that I can see to a craze is “Spore”, which is ridiculously expensive for something I probably won’t like all that much (I tried a demo and it sort of reminded me of “Black & White” somehow, a game very successful but somehow not addictive enough for me). What I’m looking for is the type of game that will make me wake up in the middle of the night and turn on the computer.

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If you have a decent computer, Fallout 3 is the best game I’ve ever played. Much, much better on PC than any console.

It might run ok on your laptop on very low settings.

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@Jack79 I’m hesitant to give you any more suggestions since you seem to have your mind made up on something else. Why not just look at the best games of 2008 on all the gaming sites?

Oh, and go play Portal.

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what’s Portal?
What I’m trying to find out is what YOU guys like. I’m hoping to get something like 10 people all telling me how great “GameSoAndSo” is and getting me all intrigued so I actually go buy it. Obviously various people have different tastes, and it seems to me that yes, I am hard to please. But maybe by seeing what others like (and why) I can get an idea.

The problem with the best games of 2008 is that they seem to be fewer than other years and there was no really great game everyone has gone crazy about (as opposed to Oblivion a couple of years ago for example).

I’m also looking for underdogs that may have gone unnoticed. Aquaria (or something with Aqua) was a great unknown game I enjoyed in 2008. So was Grimm’s Hatchery and Magic Farm (two versions of basically the same thing). So it doesn’t have to be some superhit, it could simply be something really playable and fun.

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Eambos, how does Fallout3 compare to 1 and 2 (if you’ve played them)? And yes, I’ll be buying it soon (couldn’t find the engish version in Poland but I’m going to Greece next week). It won’t run on the laptop of course, but that’s not a problem, I will have my normal PC again soon, with a decent graphics card.

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Dawn Of War 2 has been awesome, been playing since they released access to the Multiplayer Beta.

I also play Company of Heroes (another Real Time Strat. game) and Team Fortress 2 (FPS) pretty frequently on PC.

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