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What are fluthers memes?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) January 9th, 2009

Meme:A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

Edit: If it came from a particular question, please include a link to that question.

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@uberbatman I would say the @ thing would be a good example. It was used so much it was made ‘oficial’.

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@Lightlyseared way to fail and not use the @ thing right when saying its a good example :P

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Well there is the tilde for sarcasm.

the cake , frizzer and pancake as mentioned in tags.

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00001 Salt and Pepper
01411 Cake
05156 Front for the CIA
10171 Poo Hat
10887 Greeting Contest
12562 Collective Story
14210 JohnPowell stealing a beer.
15222 Fluther Map
16504 Tilde
17544 Sparkle
20778 Frizzer
21139 Time Stamp
21909 Limericks
26774 Pancake
28533 Song Title Game
28592 Pockets
30062 Is the Moon a Star?
31536 LOL4RL
31619 @

Check that out. I made a fucking Fluther time line.
[Pats self on back.]

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damn nimis, NICE! pats you on the back too!

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I have way too much time on my hands.
Must get some sleep now.

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damn nimis, im impressed.

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The haiku thread. Can’t find a link on my iPod, maybe someone else could find it for me.

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Holy shit, Nimis.

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Definitely using correct spelling and grammar. It is awesome. ;-)

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@uberbatman hangs head and blames iphone app.

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What?! NOW it works! It’s a bloody conspiracy.

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@Nimis You really ARE an expert in time wasting…

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@shilolo I know, right? The wealth of experience I lend to the collective is mind-blowing.
I’ve really got to update my profile one of these days…

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Which Q is the one about males vs females cutting your hair?

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Make a favorites page for us!

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I’m so new to this that I must confess I have absolutely no idea what anyone on this page is talking about ;—)) So sorry…could someone explain to me? I’m usually a quick learner!!

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@captainshalfunit Just click on the red links above, and enjoy!

PS: Welcome to Fluther!

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Sorry..I clicked and nothing happened. What is the @ before our user name? I really do feel stupid but want to participate….this is a great bunch of people.

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@captainshalfunit It’s ok… no worries. Now, if you click on the red @ links, it only takes you up to that person’s last answer in this question. But, if you click on the red links without the @ symbol in front of them, it should take you to a different page altogether.

For instance, click on @essieness and it will take you a few answers up. But if you click on pancake, it will take you to a hilarious question from the past, opening in a new window. Have fun!

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Someone please put a link for vagina nose in here.

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@Seek_Kolinahr This? . That’s the only result I get when I search for vagina nose.

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No, it’s this one! That was NOT easy to find.

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awww, I miss that bastard.

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