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Does wash temperature shrink laundry?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) September 20th, 2007

When washing my dress shirts, I hang them to dry rather than risk shrinking them by machine drying. I was wondering, however, if the wash temp itself can shrink things.

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My experience has been that hot water shrinks things, and fades colors. Particulalry with cotton. Warm water shrinks things slightly, but I suck that up in order to get things “cleaner.” Cold water preserves size the best, which is why it’s used for delicates.

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Hot water will shrink dress shirts. Warm water will, too, but ideally, not too much, and then your body stretches it out just fine. I wear custom made shirts, and the shirtmaker makes them with a bit of shrinkage in mind. This gets you the perfect fit. Never wash things in hot water, unless they’re really dirty linens.

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through the years, I’ve saved quite a few “favorite outfits”... I am still the same size I was (the last 10 years), yet the clothes I’ve stored in boxes seem to have shrunk…is this possible???

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Yes I think water temperature (hot water) shrink fabric.

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