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Does anyone have any suggestions for resources about hippotherapy (horseback riding therapy)?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) September 20th, 2007

I am a social worker whose client’s insurance just rejected a request for hippotherapy. I’m looking for scholarly resources (articles, studies, etc) about the benefits of hippotherapy for severely handicapped children. Obviously, there’s a lot of google-able stuff out there, but I’m looking for really legit info—any thoughts?

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There are a few articles that I’ve listed below from PUBMED. Like many supposed therapies, most evidence is completely anecdotal. In my experience with kids with autism in using this therapy is that it makes the kids very happy and is a welcome break in the often monotonous character of other therapies, which is probably somewhat therapeutic in itself. It is seen to be efficacious because the kids often become more talkative when they’re doing fun, physical activities. I’m not sure about reported benefits for other disabilities.

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Great Question. I’m actually doing a lit. review on this topic as I type. The information I have so far states all the benefits of, the only negative information I am getting is from insurance companies (go figure). The use of CAM therapies are not approved. Please dont give up. There are a lot of programs offering free therapy or on a pay scale. I am going to do more research on my own for a period of a year. Maybe case studies of inner city kids and the abilty of such programs. Good Luck and Dont give up on your client.

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