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Pet peeves of Fluther group?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) January 9th, 2009

What is your biggest pet peeve about Fluther responses?

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So far my experience has been positive. No complaints here.

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Unnecessarily mean responses (usually to newcomers) on occasion. I have been guilty of it in the past, too – but I’m trying to reform.

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Publicly berating or ridiculing a well-intentioned questioner (send a constructive PM, flag it, or ignore it instead).

Answering a question by saying, in effect, “I don’t know”.

These are very minor peeves, really. I’m not overly worked up by either of these

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Answers given in an authoritative tone from someone without the experience / knowledge.

If the answer is anecdotal or otherwise from a limited perspective, I think it should be made known.

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Very few:
• When the questioner does not like the answers and becomes defensive.
• When well meaning new members are treated poorly.
• When newbies attack – clearly mistaking Fluther for some other kind of site.

In general, there’s very little to complain about here in Fluther Land.

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People thinking they know EVERYTHING

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@all Well…you are pretty much summing up mine…..I agree w/ harp ( that I don’t spend a bunch of time being concerned about them…..Mostly, I just roll my eyes and move on….)

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Ooh, one more

Users who post to a thread without reading previous answers.

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shit like that, really bad grammar(i know mines not great, but please put some effort into it) and pretty much everything you guys said above.

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Whiners. [ uses the same link as @uberbatman‘s quip ]

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I hate answers that are posted solely to answer without adding something new. Hypothetical example “Who is the artist/writer of Garfield” “Jim Davis” “Jim Davis” “Jim davis.”

You don’t get credit for just answering a question. STOP doing it.

I particularly hate those answers to month old questions. Of course, my example is a fact based question which I also hate.

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Any effort to rank flutherers. It’s pretty insulting to almost all but one person.

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I thought Fluther was for gathering opinions from a collective. If I wanted hard fact, I would go elsewhere. So my biggest peeve is when I post a question and someone tells me I should post it somewhere else to get the factual answer.

If I wanted a factual answer, I would have gone to said sites. But, I usually ask a question on Fluther because I am trying to “tap the collective”.

I guess my second issue is when people just post a link to an answer. I know how to use a search engine. If I wanted a link, I could type it in there. The link doesn’t answer the question.

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@daloon: who is the “one person”?

@mrjadkins: I agree. I have often been given a response to one of my questions that consisted of “Couldn’t you have Googled this?”

It really makes me angry, because I obviously had a) already tried to, or b) am seeking an intelligent opinion from a community I respect rather than some random web site.

deep breaths

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@jsc3791 The one annointed as best.

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When people search Google or otherwise not finding what they want. Then ask Fluther the question in an innocuous way that makes it appear that they haven’t already looked elsewhere. At which point they get angry upon receiving answers that basically consist of “top search results”.

Tell us you’ve already looked around and haven’t found it.

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This is the question I was talking about. It wasn’t Google the person referred me to (I remembered incorrectly). It was IMDB.

I suppose I should have indicated that I had already exhausted other web resources to answer this question.

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Grammar and spelling correction annoy the hell out of me, especially when done so with a rude comment or as a joke to another fluterite. Sometimes, it makes me want to leave fluther and never come back.

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i’m pretty content with the majority of the responses/questions i’ve seen. yeah, some people are arrogant, but i think the majority of flutherers are pretty open to discussion. i do get kind of irritated – and this isn’t in all cases, just some – when someone’s asking for an opinion on something and are just told that they shouldn’t ask on fluther. yeah, they should go to the person they have the problem with, but some people are looking for outside views so they don’t act too hastily.

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When people don’t value others’ opinions.

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When a fluther asks a question and we give answers based on our knowledge or experiences and then the questioner gets pissed off because they don’t like the answer. Instead of just ignoring the answers or choosing one that they do like from another fluther, they say something like “You don’t even know me or my situation!” We can’t know them or their situation unless they give more specific information and background.

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