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A good place to live in New Jersey?

Asked by Link (327points) January 9th, 2009

What are some of the better places to live in New Jersey? I need the names of the towns. Like where do the people with the big houses, and nice cars live? Also where is it more middle class and the houses not so big. Thanks for the help.


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Bergen County is one of the richest towns in the nation. It is anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour away from NYC. I live in sussex county, which is full of farms, lakes, and woods. It is about an hour from NYC.

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Princeton probably has high-end houses, salaries and IQ’s. Do you not have other criteria? Transportation to city, employment issues, etc?

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Nope. I just want to know where “rich” people live and where “middle class” people live in Jersey.

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Rumson in Monmouth county is a beautuful town with many wealthy families. Long Branch and Asbury Park are two small cities, also in Monmouth with lots of working class, poor and middle class residents.

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Moorestown in Burlington County was named the number 1 city to live in America a couple of years ago. It has a lot of really nice houses and a great main street.

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Thanks guy, you’ve been great! Fluther’s turned out to be a great resource.


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I have family and friends in Teaneck, Closters and Tenafly; very nice upper middle-class suburbs but not as tony and deep-pockets as Rumson.

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@gailcalled: You get lurve for ‘tony’, my Dad used to say that! :)

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@bythebay: How about “twee”? That’s another word to drag into conversation occasionally.

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north way way north…

south jersey, where i live:D, is not a fun place

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LOL. Ouch, sorry to hear that pal. Save your cheddar and move away.

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Read the Janet Evanovich novels that take place in Trenton. The sassy, Joisey stereotype, wise-ass female bounty hunter and accidental detective is Stephanie Plum.

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new brunswick new jersey = urban
east brunswick = kinda rich suburbs
southriver = in between that

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Northern Bergen County is hella nice. Look up Old Tappan, Harrington Park, Norwood, Cresskill. That’s where I’m from originally, and whenever someone unfamiliar with Jersey sees my hometown, they’re shocked at how nice it is. There are definitely some really wealthy parts of all of those towns, but there’s also a large middle class population.
Newark, Elizabeth, Irving are all much more urban places.

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