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Will you ride the subway without pants tomorrow?

Asked by robmandu (21242points) January 9th, 2009

No pants is tomorrow!

Scheduled for Saturday, January 10th 2009 in New York City and 24 other cities around the world.

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I heart ImprovEverywhere. I will support those who choose to do so in my fair city of Chicago.

No way will I be one of them. It’s cold here.

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Unequivocally not.

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@EmpressPixie “I will support those who choose to do so…”

Care to rephrase that?

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Definitely not in Japan! ...ew

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@Harp: It’s theoretical support. I’ll actually be out of town this weekend.

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@Harp: My guess is that those who go pantless in Chicago will probably need a little support.

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I will go pantless in support but alas, we don’t have a subway.

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oh man, we don’t have subways ):
i’m all for ending pants’ domination of wardrobes.

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Can I wear a skirt? :) lol, I had to say it.

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@BlueDing: Ye can wear a kilt, laddie, but mind what yer wearing under it lest ye get a blue ding. (So to speak)

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aren’t we suppose to do that everyday

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I did the mp3 thing at Sheeps’ Meadow in Central Park a few years back. But, no, not this year. I’ll be at a screenwriting seminar while they’re flashing their knickers on the 6 train. I’ll bet it’s going to be fun.

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I wish it was bra burning day instead. Something about burnig bras in the winter… I bet it’s hot and cold. Awesome.

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@grisson: That would have worked except I’m a lassie, so I can wear a skirt with no worries, unless I’m Lindsey Lohan and it’s a skirt only two inches long.

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@BlueDing: <blushes, and heads of to the ‘what song matches your personality question’ to change his response to ‘Oops! I did it again’.>

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I ♥ ImprovEverywhere! I have the Food Court Musical (my favorite) and the Grand Central station freeze on my iPod. :)

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Does anyone else think it cruel that they are scheduling this mission during the winter months?

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JImmy the Greek says its unlikely that I will.

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This is the first I’ve heard about it, but it’s hilarious!! I found some
details and instructions for riders in Boston. They are supposed to act as if they do this every day and keep a straight face. The videos on rob’s link were very entertaining for me and a co-worker just now. He says he might take a drive to the city tomorrow and give it a shot!!

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“I have two words for you, NO PANTS!” I’ve always wanted to be able to use a quote from Jimmy Neutron here on Fluther.

I would absolutely do it! Unfortunately, mine is not one of the cities mentioned, oh well there is always next year.

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Portland is on the list. Perhaps I will try to grab some photos tomorrow. If I do I will share them with you all. Cheers.

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Oh, I wish I were young and brave again. Also that it was warm and I had a subway to ride :(

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There are many ways to be brave besides baring your tush.
And you, my dear, are one of my favourite little lions. :)

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I love IE but I don’t really get why they do no pants EVRRY year. Their other stuff is so fresh and unexpected. My favorite ever is their rooftop U2 concert.

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@Grisson: :) Don’t worry about it. That’s the point of the internet, everyone’s anonymous. Mistaken identities are bound to happen.

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I saw a guy at my neighborhood grocery store with no pants on Saturday. We live about 60 miles from New York. I asked him if he just got off the subway, and he said yes! My SO had no idea what I was talking about, so we both got a laugh at his reaction to my questioning of a perfect stranger about his travel arrangements.

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A perfect pantsless stranger no less! Would have loved to have seen that!

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