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Does Anybody Know A Good Free Onling Library?

Asked by desiree333 (3211points) January 9th, 2009

I have this huge essay that I need to write on Japanese Internment in Canada. I need a minimum of three books to take citations from. So oubviusly I need a selection of history books. I can go to the library but not until tommorow. My library card has a $50 late fee charge on it. I might as well go out and buy three books for the same price. My family is super busy and I would prefer to go to the library close to my home but there is not much selection. Any good free online librarys??? ASAP

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You might want to go to your library’s website and see if they have access to JSTOR posted on the site. That’s a collection of online journals that you can search and find articles. Our library requires patrons to put in the bar code from their library card, and a password.

Or you can try Google Books.

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@loser sorry, I was in a rush, Ive been really busy today…

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@desiree333: Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

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Project Gutenberg is good, but I don’t know if it has what you are looking for. The books are all public domain and so tend to be pre-copyright, so perhaps pre-interest-in-Japanese-internment-in-Canada.

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