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How can I grown my hair longer without the ends splitting?

Asked by MindErrantry (821points) January 9th, 2009

I’ve had hair down past my waist for several years; over that time, I haven’t had it trimmed very often, with the consequence that it got a lot of split ends. Today, I broke down and whacked about 5 inches off, which took care of most of those (and I’m hunting down the survivors with a pair of scissors). However, all this was with the long-term goal of getting it long again—with luck, even longer than before, but not so ragged. How can I do this without the ends splitting? My hair doesn’t grow that quickly; I’m afraid that getting it trimmed frequently enough will undo any growth. Thoughts?

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I’ve heard that a generous application of kitten burps and unicorn tears is unbeatable.

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Ooh, but those might be expensive, no?

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No…not as much as one would be led to believe.

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Pantene makes a shampoo that is suppose to help and their is also a hair serum for your ends that you apply every day.

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I has a unicorn, im sure the weight of Dr Doom on its back is making it cry, you could always harvest those tears ;)

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@uberbatman,...careful your nerd is showing.

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You have to trim it regularly. I know it feels like you are losing length, but you will only be losing damaged hair. Spend the money on good shampoo and conditioner, not the crap at the corner store. There is a brand called joico that makes really good products, that’s what I use. I hope this helps!

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Get a brush that is made for hair extensions. It has softer bristled that don’t have the little balls on the ends. If you use that brush you won’t put as much strain on your hair and you will be more gentle brushing out tangles. This should help you have less split ends. Also, try putting an extra day between washings. Your hair will be less brittle and less likely to split.

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@Judi good thinking about the brush. I assume you mean a boar bristle brush, but I don’t do extensions so I am unaware of the types of brushes to use. Anyway, the boar bristle will help distribute your hairs natural oils more evenly and won’t tug/ break the hair. The other thing I forgot is not to use elastic hairbands, or to tie your hair up tightly.

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If you’re trimming your hair yourself, make sure your scissors are sharp! Otherwise, a dull pair of scissors actually creates split ends. If you’re getting your hair cut professionally, make sure the stylist is using sharp scissors.

If you’re not sure your scissors are sharp, go buy a new pair. :)

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@Blondesjon i wouldnt have it any other way :P

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I do have a boar bristle brush (mainly because it’s one of the few that will actually get through my hair), but I will keep that in mind when I get my next one too! In England, I saw bristle brushes that were advertizing some sort of medicinal properties, to do with oils—anyone ever seen one of these or have information on it?

@elijah—good call on the hairbands; I do use those since I’ve often got my hair up in a braid. What can you use instead, though—I imagine a ribbon-type thing would spend most of its time falling out?

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Anytime you restrict your hair it causes damage. Try to avoid it. If you must put your hair up use cloth bands and don’t wrap it around tightly. I’ve never understood why people want to grow their hair so long just to put it up… And you can’t really style it either. Nothing personal I’m just curious.

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Mostly I started getting in the habit of putting it up while in London and Paris, and was taking public trans every day—it helps it get less dirty, since less of it is exposed to the dirt, grease, etc. Plus sometimes just for a change, and whenever I need it out of my face.

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You really should look into the joico k-pak series. It works wonders. It’s not an every day thing, once or twice a week you do the 3 steps and your hair will look amazing and feel soft as silk.

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wear your hair tied in a braid when sleeping – this will help keep the snarls out and there is less ferocious brushing needed

I know a Hawaiian girl with the most beautiful hair. It goes to her knees. She trims it every 4 months or so, but just by a smidgeon. I asked her once how she got it to grow so long and so beautiful and she was embarrassed to tell me. I convinced her that I would not hold her secrets against her.

She admitted then, very warily, that she only washes her hair once a month. The hair quickly adjusts to less washing and produces less oils. Her hairs grows at a rate of approximately 6 inches per year, fairly fast.

I realize that not everyone’s hair is the same and some types of hair could never withstand that kind of treatment.

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regular trim no curling straightening or blow drying so the heat doesnt damage your hair.

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