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Any Good Hairstyles?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) January 9th, 2009

I have medium length hair, about 5 inches past my collarbone. I am sooo bored with my hairstyle, and I desperatley need a new one. My hair is wavy, but not like nice waves or anything. I dont really care if I have to cut my hair to my shoulders or anything. I need a really nice hairstyle that is not boring. But also something that is easy to style. I am pretty good at doing my hair but have only about 20 min to do it in the morning. I have tried side bangs like ashlee simpson, and they just looked like a little boring stub at the side of my head. Please send me some pictures of some hairstyles that are really spectacular and NOT boring!!! Thanks

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It needs to go with your face.
Please describe said face.

Oh, yes. And your personality too.

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Try this website. It is so fun!! Up load your picture and try on any hairstyle you like! You don’t have to give out your email.

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@Nims my face shape is round- (the widest part of my face is my cheeks and i have a round chin.) My personality is something that looks polished and not messy. Fun but mature. I like Bree Vandekamp’s. hairstyle off of Desperate Housewives. I cant do that style though because I have bangs but they are really long, so they wont be an issue with most other styles.

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I also want something that has body, my hair looks terrible when its flat!

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The ducktail.

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I just googled hairstyles + round face.
Easy enough to do.

Best and worst hair cut for a round face.
This thing is similar to what Judi already mentioned.
But you can choose complexion, face shape, etc.

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