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Did you enjoy the stephen king novel-based movie 1408.? I heard it was good and i watched it, but actually got a headache?

Asked by suku_happy (33points) January 9th, 2009
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A very creepy short story…an absolutly horrid movie.

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I’ve never seen a movie based on a Stephen King book that I liked.

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@syz Good point.

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@syz that’s exactly what I was going to say.

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I’ll third that opinion, except The Shining (original only).

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It was’nt very good, it was boring, not scary, not thrilling, nothing. I would not recommend it at all. Im sure the book is much, much better. Also John Cusack was not the best choice for the role, he made it boring.

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@augustlan – Agreed.

Haven’t seen 1408, though.

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I enjoyed it the first time, but thought it was dull the second around. The short story was classic King, though.

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