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What service project will you do on January 19th?

Asked by Judi (39784points) January 9th, 2009

I got a letter today from Barack Obama encouraging all Americans to get involved in community service projects on January 19th. I have not figured out what I’m doing but I have told my employees that they could have the day off with pay if they use the time for community service. Will you answer the call?

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Much respect for you Judi to give your employees the day off. Hopefully they will use it wisely. The 19th happens to be my daughter’s 5th birthday, can you suggest something for a 5 year old to do on this day?

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They have suggestions at but I haven’t checked it out yet.

Judi's avatar seems to have some great ideas too!

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@Judi- Again, it’s a wonderful thing that you are doing!

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How about making cookies and taking them to the local fire station? That would be fun for a 5 year old.

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Great idea, we live in a small community and they would love that. Sounds better than Chuck E. Cheese, at least for me. If we teach our young the importance of community service, maybe the world would be a kinder place.

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Thanks for the heads up Judi. I’m sure I can find something useful to do! You’re a great employer…are you hiring? ;)

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All hands up for employer of the year :)

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Not at the moment, but I don’t know to many people who want to live in Bakersfield, CA even if I were. I have a management Company managing my apartments and I told them that I wanted to do this for my managers (and my community) but I doubt they would do it for any of their other employees. (They are always hiring though.)

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I ran a blood drive at work yesterday for our employees and customers. The employees were paid for the time and everyone got free coffee and sweets from our bakery.

We had 52 donors. The blood bus was rocking.

For the 19th, I’ll think of something to do with my daughter.

Thanks Judi.

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Yet another great employer! You guys rock :)

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Just checked. I work at on the 19th. So that is my contribution. I am doing about 15 hours per week.

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@jonsblond: Do you have a food link type program in your community? This is something I did with my kid when they were young to introduce them to the idea of community service. We picked up food that the stores could no longer sell (outdated, or wilted, but not spoiled) from our local grocers (who had it ready to go); and then we took it to some local food banks and churches for distribution. It’s really just loading and unloading, but the volume is amazing and my kids loved it. Good for you for introducing your 5 year old to the giving concept. My kids do it on their own now, it makes you feel good to see them volunteer.

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Looks like we’re making cookies for the volunteer fire department here in town. Cool…jonsblond makes the best peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

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Mmmmmm…peanut butter – chocolate chip….

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January 19th is my birthday. I will probably volunteer at my local hospital in the pediatrics center.

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Happy Birthday in advance, Sloane!

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Awww! Thank you!! :D

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Yes, happy early birthday!

As a Canadian, I suppose I can do my part as well. I’ll take a look at the link you posted, Judi.

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Thanks for asking this question. I’ll be doing some urban forest clean up (and maybe get to do some planting as well) in a neighborhood in my city.

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More info from Michelle Obama on National day of Service

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