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when does Leopard for Mac come out?

Asked by kcgreentree (1points) September 21st, 2007
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Late October. Apple hasn’t set an exact release date.

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is it going to be late october for sure or early? im itchin to get it!

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It’s not done yet, so probably late October.

They’re still fixing some bugs—a new version came out yesterday.

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Mac OS Leopard schould be released by apple on October 22, 2007. There were still many bugs with the program. They have over 24 departments working on this new operating system. Apple’s official price will be $129.00. After October 22, 2007, Apple will be releasing Leopard and all standard Mac Products will come automatically with Leopard not Tiger. This new operating system is going to be great, I Strongly encourage people to buy it!

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