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Anyone own a LG steam direct drive washing machine?

Asked by c_gunningham (283points) January 10th, 2009

If so is it any good?

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Yes, it is very good. I love mine.

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A little off the specific topic, but I’ll mention it for what it’s worth: freshening clothes in most any clothes dryer is nice for clothes that are not really dirty: wet the clothes a bit and toss in the dryer with or without a dryer anti-cling sheet such as “bounce.” This is not meant to eliminate the desirability of a steam washer, but it adds considerably to flexibility and freshness when a few articles need a quick 5 minute sprucing up or for those who are still saving their capital for the day when they can purchase a real steam washing machine for steaming clothes that need a complete clean rather than just a blend of wet wash most of the time followed by an occasional sprucing up in the dryer.

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