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If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

Asked by Jude (32134points) January 10th, 2009
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“Greatest Female Entrepreneur of the Maritimes” !!! I would say “Greatest in Canada” – But dont like THAT much attention lol.

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I’d love to become a successful fantasy writer—yes, not terribly exciting, but, there it is. On the nerdier side, however, what I’d really like to do is become (in whatever worlds these things are known) a famous museum curator—there are good exhibits, and there are great exhibits, and I’d really like to be able to make a few of the latter. Make of that what you will…

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Rock Star

Who wouldn’t?

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Stand up comedy. It’s something I’ve wanted to pursue but have always found reasons not to.

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“Most Influential Teacher”

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“Best Dad in the Whole Wide World”

although you can keep the cheesy plastic trophy from Hallmark

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@cprevite…you’ll have to pry that award from Bill Cosby’s cold, dead, pudding smeared hands.

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For being able to make an excellent living from my fine textile work. (This is what I would love to do, rather than what I actually do for a living.)

Unfortunately, the little voice of reason inside (which I’m probably more famous for) keeps me working at my day job rather than leaping into art for a living.

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@Blondesjon Gladly. He’s had his fifteen minutes.

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A successful writer. Probably fantasy, but maybe not.

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Something to do with art. I would like to be a famous painter.

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Being God.

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helping people… I would love to not have to work so I could donate that time to some good cause every day.

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My peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

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@jonsblond I hear you already are.

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@cprevite- word gets around quickly I see. I’ll have to bring them to the fluther convention.

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Service to others, particularly the sick and dying OR having the most adorable grandkids in the world.

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Photography. I know I already answered this one, but now I’m being serious

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It’d be nice to have your work respect by your peers
and appreciated by the people that you create it for.
As an architect, that is.

But the idea of actually being famous for anything
kind of gives me the heebie-jeebs.

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But before any of that happens, I should probably finish spelling respected first. Oops.

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If I possessed the skill? Curing cancer.

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creating the best tasting hot sauce in all the world. I have found several that have come close, but the perfect hot sauce is still just a dream. I may have to put some pepper plants in this Spring and get started on that. look out Blair, I’m gunnin’ fer ya

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