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How to stop TV from turning on buy itself?

Asked by jcp (1points) January 10th, 2009

sleep timer turned off

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Pull out the plug.

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You need an exorcist. For the sweet love of God, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and keep little Carol Anne away from it too

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My friend had a tv that came on every time she set up the ironing board. Apparently the noise of the ironing board was the same frequency as the remote. I think she just quit ironing.

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Buy a new one that can be left by itself.

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@gailcalled…I agree. She should wave bye-bye to her old one.

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@chyna: that is totally my new excuse for not ironing. “Well, see, I would have, but every time I try to iron, the TV turns on so, eh…”

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Call the Ghost Busters!

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Spell “by” correctly, I wonce speledd wonce rong end mie computr now dosent hafe spel chek.

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I would try unplugging it like vincentt said. Leave it that way for a while. then plug it back in and see if it stopped.

You could also try plugging it into a different outlet.

One on a different circuit if you can. See if that helps.

Are there any VCR’s or other external devices plugged in?

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