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MSN messenger compatibility?

Asked by Raggedy_Ann (455points) January 10th, 2009

Many of my friends have yahoo messenger and AOL messenger. Can I use MSN with these?

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You can get something like Trillian which lets you use all three at the same time, but last I checked (admittedly many years ago), you needed screennames for all three and could not cross talk (say form AIM to MSN) without something like Trillian facilitating it.

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MSN and yahoo are compatible.

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That’s right. I have both & use both. No problems with them.

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MSN and Yahoo can talk to each other using either Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

Apps like Trillian are good if you have accounts for many services, but don’t want to have all the individual programs they use. Let’s say you have accounts on AIM, Yahoo, and Windows Live, Trillian would allow you to be connected to all of those at once from one program.

I dislike Trillian and recommend Pidgin instead. Trillian is bulkier and slower than Pidgin is.

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You should download something called Adium. You can group all your accounts, no matter what they are, and have them all signed on and running at the same time in one little app. I guess that would be easier.

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Pidgin ftw.

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Yahoo MSN is compatible, you can download the yahoo messenger u can go now

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