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Which character from the Wizard of Oz would you be?

Asked by Blondesjon (33979points) January 10th, 2009 from iPhone

For the more highbrow set “Which character do you feel you most emulate from Les Miserables?”...For the rest “What’s you favorite Earnest movie?” *PLEASE NOTE:*The judges will not except ‘all of them’.

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All of them.

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Dorothy. I even have these in my closet.
I can see them from here and I am happy.

But my mom always called me the Cowardly Lion, I was shy and had a head full of blond banana curls.

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One of the hairdressers at the Oz beauty salon.

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First I thought definitely Dorothy, but no. Then I thought Glenda the good witch. It would be really cool to be able to grant wishes for people. The only bummer is, that crazy bitch from the west got to have the flying monkeys.

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@SoapChef: Have you read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire? You’re gonna think Glinda and Dorothy are the psycho bitches by the end. I did.

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No asmonet, I haven’t read it. Sounds interesting…

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It’s fantastic.

laureth's avatar

Toto. I’m just fine – except for getting dragged along on other peoples’ silly accidents.

(Plus, I bless the rains down in Africa.)

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I would be the Wizard. I’m the master of all I survey.

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@laureth…nicely done.

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@laureth: I always wanted a basket on my bike to put you in.

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The Wicked Witch of the West. She says anything she wants. My favorite line in the movie is ‘I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too’. I look good in black and I already live in the West.

SoapChef's avatar

@galileogirl And you get the flippin’ flying monkeys!

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I’m one of the trees in the forest, where they get the apples. I swear, I think my son is always picking things off of me, mainly things he’s left behind…like his gum, earlier today.

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San Francisco is full of flying monkeys. As well as lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

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@galileogirl I am picturing you in johdpurs, with a chair and whip!

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Only on school days, CRACK!!

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can i just be the… stretching into the horizon poppy field?

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1. A member of the lollipop guild!

2. I don’t wanna be anyone from Les Mis!!!

3. There was more than one Earnest movie?!

D. All of the above.

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@galileogirl…I don’t know about the monkeys, but I’m pretty sure lions and tigers are from Detroit. As for bears? Chicago.

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@asmonet I couldn’t finish any of those books – didn’t like them at all.

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We actualy had a tiger loose on Christmas 2007 who killed one guy and mauled another!

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@syz: Slow starts but worth it in my opinion. I’m sorry to hear that, I really enjoyed Wicked. :)

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Astrochuck has competition because jonsblond asks really cool questions!!!!
Hm…The Scarecrow. I need a brain :T.

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I think I’m most like the wizard (the reality of the wizard) but I’d like to be more like Glenda the Good Witch.

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What pisses me off is that the whole time, she could have just clicked her heels. If I were Dorothy, I would be pretty frustrated.

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@90s kid…You do know that I’m blondesjon, jonsblond’s wife.

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Sorry I get you two mixed up.
[edit]:Ok so Blondesjon is the husband, and jonsblond is the wife.

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@90s kid…She’s the cool one.

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Oh, you’re both cool…

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I think I’d be the lion (though come to think of it I could even be the lion in Narnia).

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Definitely Dorthy, I love to sing and those ruby red slippers are to die for!

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