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Star wars in my pocket...

Asked by c_gunningham (283points) January 10th, 2009

Does anyone know where the secret button is on the Star Wars in my pocket toy? it’s supposed to be General Grievous laughing but we can’t find it anywhere.

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Let the Force guide you.

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Find it soon, you will. So sayeth Yoda

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What toy is this? I tried to find it on Google, but to no avail.

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It play sound samples and has 6 buttons, basically samples from the clone wars film. It’s really annoying as it says secret 7th button on the packaging, but there isn’t one! even tried all combinations of pressing multiple buttons. It’s called “in your pocket” not “in my pocket”, my mistake.

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Most product pages seem to say that it’s a secret button, but the product page on Forbidden Planet says that it’s a button combination. I was going to suggest opening the device, but perhaps there are simply more combinations that you need to try. I know you said that you tried all of them, but there are a lot of possible combinations with six buttons.

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Nice one aidje, perseverance paid off. It is the top right button and the one below it! Thanks.

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Congratulations. :-)

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“Now hurry up and blow this thing so we can go home”. – Han Solo. :D

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