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Cant remember the name of a book i read back in the early 80's?

Asked by sissi679 (8points) January 10th, 2009

i dont know the author or the tittle , i thought it was {the dream weaver } but i must be wrong , any way it is about a woman who’s father recently died and as she is driving down the freway has a nervis breakdown and leaves her car and rund off into the forrest , gets lost and eventualy passes out , she is found by a set of twins one of wich is mute, they r from an ancient forest clan & they take her back with them wher ther is an old woman who i belive is a {dream weaver} she has this big weaving loom of fate that takes up most of her hut , sompthing hapens wher she and the twins must go on a quest first to another clan than thrue the desert and on thrue the mountains in searsh of the place of the god’s to ask….sompthing of them ?? i cant remember , but when they get ther she ask’s the god that answers them to send them home , meanind back to the forest , but the god sends her back to some international airport as if she had never been gon at all….. ring a bell for any one ?

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