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What are the differences between Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

Asked by nashish (196points) January 10th, 2009

I understand that there will be improved support for dual-cores, and OS X will make its 64-bit debut with this version. What other differences will there be?

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There will be a few differences. This time Apple will put a pause on hundreds on new features and this time just focus on speed and functionality. It will also support Microsoft Exchange. Check it out.

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I suppose I’ll learn the finer differences when Snow Leopard is released. Thanks for the link.

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Snow Leopard will have improved 64 bit support and most of the default built in apple applications and core applications have been rewritten from Carbon (the old framework for building applications) to the new one Cocoa, for example the Finder is the oldest Carbon application still in OS X, with snow leopard it should be updated to Cocoa.

Also in snow leopard is easier/better support for multiple CPU cores for programmers as well as OpenCL which lets developers run code on the GPU rather than the CPU.

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@philo23 That’s useful too :)

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Rumour is brewing that they’re going to get rid of the Aqua interface and introduce something called “Marble” which essentially looks like iPhoto and iTunes. Appleinsider

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Yeah, I saw that! Apple Insider also has some very detailed articles about different features in Snow Leopard.

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