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Christmas present for a guy?

Asked by ilovemetrostation (19points) January 10th, 2009

i know christmas already went by but i still need ideas! anything will help, i have several guys i have to get things for in the future and any ideas would be extremly helpful

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What are their hobbies? Interests? Skills? Jobs? Ages? Are they single? What’s the price range?

More information would be helpful.

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You certainly take “shopping ahead” to a whole new level.

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asmonet-Well my boyfriend would be included, mostly him. Hes definatly into hockey, and we are from new england so he loves snow and things like that.

chyna- yeah i know, but they have birthdays too. ;]

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They’re men, as long as you are in your birthday suit when you present it, they’ll love it.

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You know it’s January, right?

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@ilovemetrostation: Maybe season tickets to his favorite team and a jersey? Or maybe a puck or hockey stick signed by a player, you could find that on eBay. Or a weekend away skiing / snowboarding (or learning how). Added bonus for that one is naughty times by a fire, cocoa, and snuggling.

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His favorite form of affection??

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I’ll answer the same way I answered the BD present question. You can get a T shirt for any interest at

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jonsblond is right…I couldn’t tell you what I got for Christmas but I do remember what she was wearing.

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Christmas is coming soon! ~
Buy something from one of those famous brand stores like American Eagle, or Hollister or whatever. Guys always like that.

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