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Birthday present for my boyfriend?

Asked by May2689 (1291points) January 10th, 2009

My guy is turning 23 this month. He doesnt have a lot of hobbies but likes videogames a lot ( i.e. call of duty). He kinds of have everything so I dont know what to get him !! Any ideas???

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Microsoft Points Card or an extention for his XBOX Live account.

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More RAM, if he needs it.

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Take him to a concert!!

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How about a three-month subsciption to the videogame version of Netflix: GameFly?

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I would get him a Pyramat Video Game Rocker. There are some some other brands you can find if you google video game rocker chairs.

They are awesome.
They also have PC Gaming versions of the chairs.

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His favorite form of affection? It’s free….

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@cd Are you feeling frisky tonight? That is twice you have mentioned “favorite form of affection.”

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Frisky? I don’t know…. Silly? Maybe. I have a wicked side. Do you like it?

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Gift Card
-Best But
-Game Stop

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