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If nature could look however you wanted it to, what changes would you make?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23959points) January 10th, 2009

Would you change the color of water? The sky? The color of the clouds in the sky? You get the idea… Now have at it.

I already think nature is beautiful, as I’m sure most everyone else does, too. But have fun with the question! :)

I might add glitter to leaves. Think of how phenomenal that would look in moonlight! :)

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It would look something like this

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Did you ever see the movie What Dreams May Come? A world where you can alter reality to your own desires would be awesome. Whatever my mood, I’d alter the world to express myself.

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I would make that toffee tree from the first Narnia book….. mmmm… toffee :D

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I was going to say What Dreams May Come. :)

Bigger, more abundant fragrant flowers poking through sidewalks and the cracks in buildings. More motes in the air at dusk. Millions more fireflies and butterflies and have more colors on trees all year. Make the moon appear as big as it was for the dinosaurs, and make the stars more brilliant. And more cool gentle breezes that smell of jasmine and magnolias.

That’d be heaven.

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I would have trees that were so formed that when wind blew through them it would create music.

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I don’t know that I would so much change the look of nature as change the unatural look of us. Why not gargantuan trees, hundreds of stories high that we inhabit instead of skyscrapers. What about a symbiotic relationship with the animals of the world that allowed us to submarine in a blue whale’s belly or catch a giant dragonfly out of O’ Hare. Ladybug compact road vehicles and jaguars that are actually jaguars. Myna bird cell phones. We could all routinely choose to have scales, or fur, or feathers instead of clothes…well, you get the idea.

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I would make snow warm!

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wouldn’t change a thing. nature is perfect.

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@tinyfaery I haven’t seen that movie because I’m not a big Robin Williams fan, but I just looked the movie up and I’ll probably watch it just for the imagery.

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Eliminate snow!!

Money trees

Candy trees

More pandas

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No SNOW??????!!!!!!!

Money tree’s would eliminate the worth of money.

Candy trees would rot everyones teeth and make the dentist industry billions.

And pandas would simply take over the world!!!!!!

Sorry for being such a killjoy mate.

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I really wouldn’t change the look of things at all. I would rearrange things a bit though…mainly the weather patterns. In warm months, it would rain just enough every night as we slept and then be bright and sunny with white puffy clouds in a blue sky all day. In the cold months, we’d get a great big snowfall on a pre-determined date, during which everyone would be off work to enjoy it, and then it would melt cleanly away within 2 days. Perhaps this could happen twice a winter, if people insisted on it :)

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I was going to say better and brighter colours…exactly like “What dreams may come…” amazing film. seems i was pipped to the post though :( but cool that there are others that feel the same :)

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I would change a color of everything.I mean all of us know that the leave is green for example.Than change fizical laws..

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I’d have left out all diseases. Things look better when you’re well. :^P

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It would look exactly like this.

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Haha, tonedef I lurve you. For a second I thought I was clicking something horrible and Holocaust themed, then I realized Lisa not Anne. :P

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I’d eliminate mosquitoes and add a lot more fireflies.
They’d taste like watermelon pop rocks.

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