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Is it a good idea to send my resume out early?

Asked by westy81585 (4311points) January 10th, 2009

I’m graduating college in June with a BA in Chemistry and a minor in Criminology. I’ve made a resume that I think is pretty solid, and I’ve been looking thru jobs that I’d be eligible for with my degree. What I want to know is if it’s a dumb idea to send out my resume to potential employers now, even though I don’t have the required degree for the jobs? Like, would they be willing to interview me and such, and then hire me on after I graduate? Or should I just wait? If it helps any, virtually every job I’m looking at would be doing labwork of some kind (some examples were the chemist at a free clinic, a CSI, research projects for various companies, crap work at a hospital, etc etc). Thanks for your help!

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It’s completely normal to do this. Just add your graduation date to your education information.

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Yes! Given this economic climate, it would be even smarter.

Starting to send out resumes now gives you the opportunity to network, and become familiar with all of the ‘players’ in your field. It also lets them know that there’s talent entering the applicant pool soon. This may also bring other areas of opportunity, like a part-time job until you graduate or a chance to go in and talk to them to see what the roles within each organization are really like. The sooner, the better!

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It couldn’t hurt, right?
Good luck!

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June will be here quickly, get started now.

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Start now. My daughter started sending out resumes for jobs two months ago. Even my youngest began the process of looking for summer employment overseas in November.

Early bird gets the worm.

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Lots of government positions interview in January through March. The hiring process can take 2 months. Also, keep in mind most require drug screenings, and background checks. You may want to google your name and see what, if anything, comes up about you. Likewise with pictures, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook. Get rid of anything that makes you look non-professional.

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Crap work at a hospital?

Sounds riveting!

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@jjd2006, brings up an interesting point. If your take is that you’re applying for “crap work at a hospital” perhaps a little career counseling is in order before you start sending out resumes. If your work experience up to now has been in hospital labs, that doesn’t mean you have to stay that path. Jobs bring with them an understanding of methodology. With a BA in chemistry, and a minor in criminology, why aren’t you applying to every police department in the country for a job in an evidence lab? You have to respect yourself and the ability to do the work, and the importance of the work to the person that is hiring you to do it. It sounds like you don’t enjoy lab work; if this is the case, perhaps you should consider other options. I would suggest TeachAmerica, but I believe they’re already finished with most of their hiring process for next fall.

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Well I say crap work in a lab not because I don’t find it interesting, but simply because that’s what it is. Being the new young guy in a lab I’d be doing all of the junk work that the older guys don’t want to do. Blood work, drug testing, testing this and that.

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Its great that you have already done your resume and it may be a good idea to send it early. However, it cannot be certain if they will look at it straight away and they may just keep it on hold with all the other prospective job candidates.
I think you should wait for a bit and maybe keep editing your resume to make it perfect. If you need more help you should look at this website http.//

Good luck :)

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Hospital Laboratories are usually staffed by licensed medical technicians or technologists. Often they have an arrangement with schools to allow the lab student to do the required number of hours in the hospital lab so they don’t even have to pay them.

P.S. Send it out early, then again and again periodically.

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The problem I’m facing (I’ve been applying and sending out resumes since I first posted this a month+ ago), is that most employers are “hiring for now, not for June.” Also, I’m trying to get into forensics work and applying for or even finding people to talk to in forensics is a pain in the ass.

Suggestions ?

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yea man you gotta do it early especially for the big corporations. they love recruiting early.

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