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Does anyone still have any of their childhood toys?

Asked by loser (15012points) January 10th, 2009

I confess, I still have my Legos.

You can come over and play Legos with me if you want.

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Yes, I do. But they only get played with when I’m hunting under the bed for my lost sock.

Toy dinosaurs, polly pockets, and barbie dolls are among my favourite old toys.

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We could build them a house…

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I found all my old legos in the basement a few days ago. It’s like 5 huge boxes. I think if I get some free time I’ll bring them out and play with them.

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yep, my McDonalds/Burger King(i dont eat thr anymore) toys and of course some batman toys.

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Yes! My “Little People” house. My mom just gave it to me to give to my daughter. The thing is 35 years old with the original “little people”. Their names that I wrote on their wooden bodies are still there. I have the original carousel, school bus and house. Awesome question! Thanks for the flashback.

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The only thing I have managed to keep is a box full of Petite Princess furniture. I thought it was amazing when I was little,

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@Elumas: Sweeeeet!!!

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@loser You need this book advertised over there >>!

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I still have my Legos, Breo, and pretty much everything else. If its not in my room hidden away its in the attic.

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My brother actually gave away boxes of baby clothes
and childhood toys that our mother had saved
for us to give to our kids when we got older.

And to some knocked up chick that he liked—not even by him.
Sucky ass brother. Grrrrrr…

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@Nimis: I’m sorry for your loss…toys & clothes from our childhood can be really amazing reminders of simple joy and big fun! I’ve got all my old books, barbies and some Fisher Price toys, too. My brother turned his Lego mania into a side business as an adult. I’ve put things away for my kids already. Ahhhhhh, The Sunshine Family and their camper on my front porch on rainy afternoons – good times, good times.

@loser: I think Lego’s are quite possibly the coolest toy ever! My 12 year old got a “Lego City Block” for Christmas – it has 176,987,361 pieces; can you come here and play Lego’s so I can have my dining room table back at some point in 2009?

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I still have Ted Edward Bear, a stuffed bear I bought with my own money when I was 7, I also have my talking Flip Wilson doll (but he doesn’t talk anymore).

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@SuperMouse : But if he could still talk, he’d say “What You See Is What You Get”...!

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@bythebay YES! He also used to say “The devil made me buy this dress!”

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God, I haven’t thought about Flip Wilson in years! Thanks for the reminder :)

I only saved a few stuffed animals, and 1 book (the complete Winnie-the-Pooh) from my childhood. My daughters have them now.

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I have my brownie doll, an original Barbie in the black and white swimsuit, plus a box full of original Barbie clothes, my viewmaster and a box of wheels including Roy Rogers, Chilly Willy, The Lone Ranger, Woody Woodpecker.

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Oh man, this thread brought back some memories. Thanks everyone.

I have tons, mostly in storage though.

Right now, in my lap, I have the plush Dumbo I got when I was six at Disney World. I’m never letting it out of my sight. I used to have this ridiculous affection for Dumbo because we both had huge stick out ears as children. I still sleep with him sometimes.

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No toys of mine, sadly, though, honestly, I can’t remember many toys, except that one soft bodied doll who,when her head fell off, I thought that I had killed her. Trauma…
I do have to toy baby buggy that my grandfather build for my mom when she was a toddler. I also have a sweet picture of her pushing it. Priceless.

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I have one doll that was given to me when I was a baby. A Madame Alexander doll. Her body, which was made of cloth, had to be remade by my grandmother and mother a couple of times. This last one has now almost disintegrated. She has no hair, as I used to carry her around by it. Her eyes are still beautiful though, and she sits on a shelf in my office, lovingly watching over me while I go on with my life.

I had bought the same doll for my daughter when she was born (almost 17 years ago). By then, the hair was a molded plastic. She still had the same pretty eyes. She lost her this year when we went on a trip to Las Vegas for a wedding and she brought her with us. She left her in the bed covers and we called the hotel and the linen company and the people who clean the rooms and no one had seen the doll. We hope that someone really did see her and bring her home to another little girl who will love her as much as my daughter did.

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@autumn: How sad!

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I still have some of mine. I specifically kept them to show my kids.

I remember finding 3 or 4 of my dads and being disappointed that I couldn’t see more of his.

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