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Do you sleep in with silence or do you have to have some familiar noise to help you sleep?

Asked by tennesseejac (3778points) January 11th, 2009

i use a fan

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I can hear my clock go tic toc when I sleep, but that is the only sound I hear. Although when it rains I hear the rain fall on the roof. It’s very calming and puts me right to sleep.

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I cannot sleep in a silent room. I have two fans… One on each side…and I love the room to be cold.

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I like to go to sleep listening to the radio but once I’m asleep I like silence. Unless I’m on call, in which case I leave the radio on very quietly as I find it easier to wake up at short notice that way.

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I like to have a mix of the ting tings and beck playing under my pillow when I can’t sleep.

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complete silence..anything else is just irritating

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silence, except for the normal sounds of the house

I have to say though, that I woke up at 3AM last night because the electric meter on the outside wall of my bedroom was louder than usual. I must have super hearing powers!!! or something was going on that was not normal. We are in the middle of a snowstorm, I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

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i have the same instrumental playlist playing every time i sleep
its lovely

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We go for the fan, too. The ‘white noise’ is important, but the air circulation helps, too.

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Husband has two snore settings – soft and loud. If he’s set on “loud,” I can’t sleep and have to knee him in the kidney now and then to make the noise stop. In “soft” mode, though, it’s actually quite a soothing sound that I can’t get to sleep very easily without.

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@laureth is so right. If you sleep with someone, you never sleep in complete silence.

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I sleep in total silence.. I there is even a little tiny noise my whole sleep is shattered

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…of course…that’s when i can stop listening to my own thoughts…. silence i mean…

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Sometimes I sleep with my computer playing the most realistic sounds of the surf I’ve ever heard. I was born near a beach and lived next to one until I was thirteen. I miss it sometimes.

Usually, it’s just silence.

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OMG, if I had to go to sleep in silence, I’d stare at the ceiling for hours. I have a fan running every night & sometimes the radio. Even when we travel, I have a little fan that goes with us. I HAVE to have noise!

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really??? I cant stand it!!!!

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@May, I guess it’d never do for us to share a hotel room, huh? LOL

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I put the ipod into the holder and go to sleep listening to books from, on the timer of course. I always set the timer for 30 minutes but I am usually asleep in just a few minutes

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@jbfletcherfan : I guess not!! hahaha.. unless I got soundproof earplugs

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@May, I’d turn off the radio for you, but I’d HAVE to have the fan on, LOL.

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I have a sound machine made specifically for sleeping. It has several different sounds such as the ocean, rain and white noise. I use white noise and can not sleep without it.

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@jbfletcherfan ok ok I can sleep with a fan!! I sometimes turn it on when its too hot so I think I’ll survive haha

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I used to sleep in complete silence, even the faintest noises bothered me, but then i got the fish tanks. They are rather loud with all the pumps, filters, and what not. So now i sleep with a fan on to block out that noise. Though even if im not home i cant sleep without some sort of white noise now.

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Good news, May. We’ll come to a meeting of the minds after all. L0L

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can i just ask why there are so many people that use white noise? i thought white noise was just creepy stuff… what is it? and why does it help you sleep…. (actually i’ll go and look up what it is myself… just need to know why really???)

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White noise is just a constant noise that soothes, I think. I’ve never used a machine, but I do think the ocean beating against the rocks would be cool.

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White noise is any constant noise, with no big ups or downs (unlike say, radio or TV – unless you use static). It blocks out other noises, and lulls you to sleep.

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cool… i’ll have to try some sometime when i’m struggling with sleep… I’ve often thought it would be lovely to fall asleep to gentle rain and the sound of the sea but could never find a tape/ cd that matched my specific tonal tastes (i.e. right pitch, depth of sound, types of rain etc…)...

you know like how when your own baby cries – it’s specific to its mother… the mother is tuned in to that particular order to alarm her and call her to attention… I wonder whether there is the same kind of thing for falling asleep…???

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I started using the white noise machine because I am a light sleeper. When we had the babies their breathing would keep me awake at night. The white noise masks the annoying small noises that keep me awake yet I could hear if the kids were crying or the dog barking.

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