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What is the best antivirus program?

Asked by altoncampbell (1points) September 22nd, 2007

Can any suggest me the best a/w s/w till date!!!!

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There is no such thing as the best antivirus software, just like there is no best search-engine, it’s entirely up to you: do you want a simple interfce, or is it more for the protection, do you wants to pay for it, or would you like you get it free. We only can give you recommendations.

I am using NOD32 becuase of it’s powerful engine and low-memory usage. I previously used Avast Home Edition, but it had too little features.
I also heard that Kaspersky is very good, but whatever you do: never use Norton!

It’s like the viruses are attracted to Norton :-)
Your PC is getting sloooower and slooooooooooower, and finally out of despiration, you install an other antivirus, and you bought Norton for nothing!

Also, you could google “antivirus” to test some. If one suits your needs, buy it, or download it if it’s a freebie.

Good luck.

P.S. You could also switch to a Mac, there are no viruses for Mac’s. :-)

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I use AVG on Windows.. I have never had any problems using Windows with AVG, Firefox, Ad-Aware, and sitting behind a cheap hardware Firewall/Router.

And set Windows Update to automatically do its thing. And if your mom sends you a link to a naked picture of Brad Pitt thought e-mail.. Don’t open it. Unless your mom is super cool. Seriously, don’t open weird email attachments.

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I have heard some great kaspersky reviews.

Personally i dont have an anti-virus on my windows machine (because they slow down your machine – all i have is a zone-alarm firewall pro suite and Spybot Search & Destroy – and i have been virus free for the past 2 years

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mac os x. i’ve been using it since 2000 and haven’t had a single problem…

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NOD32 for sure. Very lightweight, daily automatic updates and scans your hardrive(s) really fast and good.

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I will go with AVG (8).
You can get free downloads of many softwares, including antivirus, from the link below:

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In my opinion Avira ( is the best of the free ones – it’s faster, uses less system resources, and picks up many viruses that the others don’t find. It’s also better than a lot of commercial products such as Norton and McAfee.

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