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Why want car start?

Asked by Town1990 (1points) January 11th, 2009

1990 Lincoln Town Car. Engine turns over but car will not start. I had loose battery cables so I cleaned them, replaced and tighten them up. I checked the Fuel pump restart button and it was down. Someone suggested I check the Fuel pump monitor but I don’t know where that is located.

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Call the tow truck (AAA). They might be able to get you going without towing. You could always trade it in on a used car. Some dealers will give you thousands more than your trade is worth. Then they can claim a loss on their income taxes and you get a good deal on a car that runs. Look at a 2005 Town Car. I rented one once when my BMW was in the shop. The Lincoln was more comfortable than the 5 series. I wish I had a Town Car now. Good luck.

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Could be a bad battery did you check that? do your lights come on? are they full strength? Could also be bad spark plugs, could be a bunch of different things I guess. But I would start with the battery.

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I had a sensor go bad in my 2002 Lincoln LSE. Car simply would not start. Towed it in and they replaced the fuel pump and that didn’t work. Finally found some dumb sensor in the steering column that controlled the ignition.

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First look underneath the car at the gas tank or in the owners manual to see if the fuel pump is in the tank or on the motor. Take the line leading out off if gas spits out the pump is fine if not replace the pump I have done both dropping the tank is tough. You replace the wires and cleaned connections so also check the date on the battery shouldn’t be any older than 3 years old or so. Pop the plastic rectangles off with a screwdriver on the top of the battery and make sure the water is full in the cylinders of the battery. Then put a charger on the battery. Push down on all the plug wires to make sure they are connected well and run your finger down the plug wire itself to make sure a wire has not melted slightly on a exhaust shield or other hot part of the motor this can cause it to not want to fire correctly. The fuel filter could also be plugged and fairly easy to replace. If you have run your car to the very empty level on many occassions then it is most likely the fuel filter it would have picked up some nasty from the bottom of the tank. Hope this helps.

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