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If you use twitter on mac?

Asked by cage (3114points) January 11th, 2009

Do you use a desktop app.
If so, which one, and why?
I’d find one really useful, so I was wondering which one you guys think is the best.

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Twhirl. Because it supports multiple accounts. Seems ok. Mostly I use twinkle on my iPhone though.

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Twitteriffic. I avoid things like Twhirl and TweetDeck like the plague, because they’re Adobe Air apps that gobble up almost 300mb of RAM while running in the background.

I honestly don’t think there’s a really great desktop Twitter app for the Mac yet; the functionality and UI of Twitteriffic could be much better than it is.

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I use twitterific, myself, but the window behavior of it annoys the shit out of me.

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I use twitterrific on occasion and on my iPhone. I use the webinterface the most though.

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I use Twitterfox for Firefox. It’s cross platform, pretty lightweight, and some nice features.

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A lot of my friends have macs and use twitterific and love it.

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I use Twitteriffic, but in my opinion there is no killer app on OS X.

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Tweet Deck – It’s great and very stable. A lot of people use it.

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I use Twidget, which is a dashboard widget. It’s lightweight and easy to use; I can certainly recommend it…

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I have Twitteriffic running all the time, but use Tweetdeck if there are loads to read as I don’t think twitteriffic manages loads well, and Tweetie on my iPhone, really like this, lets you see what someone is replying to, although this seems to be a little wrong occasionally, read further back in your time line, see nearby tweets, although you can’t read the main public time line (at least I haven’t seen the option).

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hmm, well I’ve started to use twitterrific. But to be honest it’s awful.
I really don’t like it so I guess I’ll stick to the web until someone comes up with something decent.

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thanks guys :)

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@richardhenry – I use Tweetdeck and Twhirl and had never thought to check the RAM usage – I get 140mb and 76mb. That’s not ideal I guess, but I love Tweetdeck as an app so don’t mind the usage…

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@benseven 300mb was an exaggeration, of course. I just don’t like Adobe Air apps, I guess. I’ll always dislike things that aren’t developed natively, they feel like lazy pseudo applications to me. Then again, Twitterific doesn’t feel very native anyway. I’m still waiting for a killer Twitter client for the Mac, and will even drop a couple £££ when it finally arrives. If you’re a Mac developer and you’re reading this, get to work, pronto!

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@richardhenry – That makes sense, though I’d say give Tweetdeck another chance – they’re supporting multiple accounts in the next release, too. The thing I like about Tweetdeck is it’s cross-platform too – thusly the future Mrs. Seven gets in on the app too.

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I don’t use a desktop app, just the site. (On iPhone my favorite is twitterfon.)

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I suggest everyone checks out the beta of Eventbox – switched recently and it’s awesome.

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@benseven Hrm. I might consider checking it out when it launches; I was annoyed though because the beta was buggy as hell, and yet it was a time limited trial that you had to pay for to continue using (WTF?!). So unless downloading the final release allows you to try before you buy, it’s a no-go for me.

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Here it is:

The $15 during the beta really isn’t a bad idea; but it shouldn’t be a time limited demo style beta; it should be usable without restrictions until v1.0 release day. That really rubs me the wrong way; I can’t even see if it’s improved now because it tells me that I’ve used my time and I need to pay.

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@richardhenry – I think that’s a big bug with it – it’s meant to be a 14-day trial which for something you generally leave running wasn’t too much of a deal breaker for me, but after a few days it said my time had expired. By that point I’d already decided I’d purchase it, and I’ve honestly had no other bugs found since..

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@benseven Still a crummy move by the developers though. You shouldn’t sell copies of your software for money until the product is actually finished. Asking customers if they want to pay early to get a discount is one thing; forcing them to pay early and letting them hope that you actually fix all the bugs and the development cycle doesn’t fall apart is another.

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My personal favorite is Twitterific mainly just because it is an app that hides in the menu. It has an interface that I quite enjoy, and is hot key accessed. So Twitterific is my favorite for sure.

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Any one else highly anticipating the release of Tweetie for Mac today?

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I was not really anticipating the release, until I just googled it! Now I’m going to try it out for sure!

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Tweetie for Mac. It’s pretty hot, but a couple things could be improved.

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Definitely. The GetSatisfaction page for it has been on fire all day!
And it’s really freaking annoying when folks on GS don’t check if their feature request is already there to vote on. There’s like 5 suggestions for Growl support – PER PAGE!

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