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Is it possible to get a funky smell out of old furniture?

Asked by joli (628points) September 22nd, 2007

Bought the piece from an estate sale. Didn’t notice at the time but it had a faint putrid stench inside which permeated anything stored in it. I finally threw the damn thing out after trying everything but painting the inside. Febreeze didn’t exist at the time.

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if the odor is caused by bacteria, febreeze or just plain alcohol in a spray bottle will probably help. lysol is also a very good disinfectant. give the furniture a serious beating outdoors to remove the dust (wear a mask!) and spray, and wait.

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I should have specified the furniture is solid wood, not fabric.

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try rubbing the furniture down with tung oil, which has a slight but pleasant odor, is good for the wood, and may obliterate the old smell.

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