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Who do people say you look like?

Asked by tennesseejac (3778points) January 11th, 2009

I must have a “normal” look because everytime I meet new people one of them say “you look like my friend… so and so”, and I have been told I look like Tom Cruise, but I have also been told many of times that “OOOH you look just like your mom”.

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Here are tons of answers about celebrity look-alikes, asked about a week ago. Enjoy! :)

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I have gotten Helen Hunt and Kelly Preston.

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I’ve heard I look like Rosario Dawson. People tell me I have her hair, full lips and big dark eyes. Though, I don’t see it.

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I get the whole “You look like your mom” thing too. I guess we kind of do.. but just kind of. Several people have also asked me and one of my best friends if we’re sisters. Which I think is verrrrry odd since neither of us think we look at all like the other. I’m a brunette and she’s a blonde, I have brown eyes and she has blue eyes, I’m tall and she’s short… Just weird. We look nothing alike.

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for some odd reason they’ve told me selma hayek.

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[Trying to reconcile the fact that people have told you
that you look like Tom Cruise and like your mother.]
[Still scratching my head.]

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just my sister…so nothing interesting… and that’s only because we have the same colour hair…. we really don’t look anything like one another…

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Strange but true. This is a consistent pattern, and who am I to say? Here goes: Billy Crystal, Richard Dreyfuss(Jaws…became my nickname for a time) and Steven Spielberg.
Goofy Doppelgangers!

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<-Just like AstoChuck.

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When I was younger, Sly Stallone and Billy Joel (when THEY were younger).

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Sally Field. Also, half the people I met growing up told me I looked like my mother and half the people told me I looked like my father. He was always told he looked like Walter Mathau – which he did – so how you get from that to Sally Field I don’t know!

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Santa. Charles Manson. (in no particular order).

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Pink, scarlet johansen, christina ricci

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Some German girl named Gertrude (gair -TRUU-duh) and several different Scots. Also, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my paternal grandmother (a Scot) and my paternal great grandfather (a German).

In other words, your basic Celt.

BTW, most folks say my parents look alike.

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one time a guy asked if my friend and i were sisters. i thought it was silly because i’m white and she’s half asian. and even if the asian thing didn’t register, we really look nothing alike haha.
i got mary-kate olsen a long time ago, which i definitely don’t see, even though i’ve tried.
also last year i cannot even count how many people asked if me and one of my best friends were sisters/cousins/the same person.

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One time, a kid said to me, “you look like the dead girl in that movie”!

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@answerjill Was the kid older than three? I once had a 2–3 year old throw a hefty rock at me…point blank range. He hit my big toe. Beware the brats when it comes to their read of YOU.

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ortise—the kid was about 10–13 yrs old.

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