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Any recommendations on flu meds? I've never taken them, but this one is a doozey. Thanks.

Asked by shenly (19points) November 17th, 2006
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Tamiflu is supposed to lessen the symptoms and duration if started within 48 hours of getting the flu. You need an Rx.
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Tamiflu is specifically for influenza, which is a lot more severe than your average flu. Over the counter, Theraflu works well.
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Lots of vitamins, tea, and your 100% of your daily zinc.
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where are you located? would be good to know where the flu has hit-
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i got it in NY, but i brought it back to SF. i am a pernicious spreader of disease!
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"Flu" is just a nickname for Influenza! There is no difference! Many people call a cold or virus the 'flu' but if they really have the flu...or influenza...then Tamiflu is the way to go!

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