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MacBook Built in Mic?

Asked by Macafy (13points) January 12th, 2009

Hi can anyone tell me where the input hole is for the Macbook built in mic… is not that dot to the left of the camera…as some have said….put a thumb over that and no change in recording….I think that is ambient light sensor…I can’t see it anywhere….real curious.

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According to my Macbook User Guide the mic is the dot to the left of the iSight.

If you have a new Macbook, it’s here.

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I’m a PC.

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Thanks Queensbloulevard….I see your point clearly…what puzzles me is if I put my thumb over that pin hole to the left of the camera lens….the difference in quality and volume is not obvious to me, when I play back the recording….you would expect it be non existant sound or very muffled…so maybe the whole area vibrates for input rather than the pin hole funneling the sound???
Thanks for your help.

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