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How long do fruits and vegetables last?

Asked by Link (327points) January 12th, 2009

About how long do these fruits and vegetables last: broccoli, green peppers, red peppers, blue berries, and raspberries? If these foods don’t last too long (less than 4 days) would it help if I stuck them in the freezer?

Give me all the information you guys have on this one. Thanks.


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If they are firm and fresh when you get them, they should last a week in the fridge. I wouldn’t go much longer than that. We blanch peppers straight out of the garden and freeze them in canning jars. They’ll keep over a year that way.

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It depends on their freshness. If you got them off the farm they’ll last longer than from the grocery store.

Berries freeze well, you can just stick them in the freezer. They won’t be as delicious, you’ll want to cook with them not just eat them raw, if you freeze them, but they do freeze quite well.

Otherwise the berries will last a week at best.

Broccoli and peppers, you can usually keep about a week, sometimes longer. They are much better eaten sooner. The longer you keep them, the more you’ll want to cook them before you eat them. They lose flavor and crispness, but if you cook them some of the flavor is better and the crispness isn’t as big of an issue.

You can freeze after cooking for the veggies.

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Berries freeze best if you separate them on a tray and freeze them first. Then put them in a freezer bag for longer storage. That way the don’t clump together.

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Yes, All of these will be happy in the fridge for 4 days. As mentioned above, berries really lose their texture when you freeze them. There is a good list of produce storage tips at

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it also depends on your refrigerator. My old fridge would hardly keep produce at all; my new one keeps food fresh much longer. I often chop and freeze onions, peppers and celery, and freeze what I don’t use so that I have it on hand already chopped. Celery gets soft frozen, it’s good to add to soups and other dishes for flavoring.

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Working in a produce department. All of the above items usually last well should last you about a week in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables should be kept at a tempature that is between 35 and 40 degrees. Some fruits and vegetables do last longer than others.

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