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Are the sprint and verizon wireless networks the same?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) January 12th, 2009

I was looking at some phones that are out for the sprint network and I have verizon and don’t really like the software they put on the phone, ( I think it cripples the phone) and HTC is coming out with some pretty cool stuff in 2009. My question to you all is, If i buy a sprint phone unlocked, (not tied to a 2 year contract) can i activate it on a verizon network?

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My guess would be if it’s a sprint phone, you would have to use sprint service whether or not you have a contract. I have Alltel and I am not under contract with them, but I can’t use any other service on my current phone. Some people know sim card trick, so maybe you can bypass it. If so, I’d like to do the same thing!! Good luck.

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Sprint and Verizon are of the same TYPE of network, but not the same network.

They both operate on CDMA networks, that is, it is different than GSM networks (like ATT and T-mobile) in that they don’t operate with SIM cards.
While you can use different types of phones with one SIM card, this doesn’t go with CDMA networks and their phones.

The ONLY way to get a sprint phone on verizon (or vice versa) is to get all computer hacky and flash the firmware. I don’t suggest you do this, because you can brick your phone and it’s very difficult to do.

So in short, no, you can’t do this.

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awww… dang

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If you want to have a better selection of phones and use whatever phone you want (phones that use SIM cards that is, there are SOO many out there), then I’d go with a GSM carrier, like ATT or T-Mobile.

I’m with T-Mobile myself. If you decide to go with them, don’t sign up until Feb 11 or afterward, because we’re getting a NEW Blackberry Curve in by then, and you can get it really cheap with a new contract.

Also, if you want to use the new fast 3G network, I believe ATT’s 3G network is on par with Verizon’s, so you’re not missing out.

Just something to consider. :)

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I would, but am currently on a family plan for i am but a wee, poor college kid.

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I’m a poor college student as well. :(

T-Mobile has a 39.99/month plan that lets me call 5 people (ANYONE I choose) for unlimited, plus 300 min and unlimited nights and weekends. It’s a good cheaper option for me. Data plans with T-Mobile are much cheaper than the rest too…

Awesome choice for a student like me :D

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