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Do you take vitamins, if so do you notice a difference?

Asked by judochop (16070points) January 12th, 2009

I take vitamins however I stopped after the whole appendix thing and I feel better! Is there a brand of vitamins that you take where you have noticed a big difference in how you feel and how they effect you? This can also include teas, herbs and general well-being. I guess, what makes you feel good and healthy?

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Vitamins for otherwise healthy people eating a normal diet = giant scam. Vitamins for people with defined deficiencies like iron for anemia, calcium/vitamin D for osteoporosis, etc. = good medicine.

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Vitamins = expensive urine (as that is where they will end up if you don’t need them)

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I began taking a women’s once daily vitamin about 4 months ago and have found that this has reduced my overall level of sickness/colds. There are some elements of the multi-vitamin that I probably don’t need more of in my diet, but some which I do. I try to eat as healthy as possible, with a lot of variation… but as a college student on a very strict budget, this can be difficult.

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I take them to feel good. Psychologically speaking, that is. Though my diet is not exactly varied (or particularly healthy) I’ve never felt any positive effects from vitamins.

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If you need them yes. I have to do most of my “work” in the wee morning hours, so I take an energy mulitvitamin to keep me awake. lol. It works.

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personally for the feelgood factor just a 15–30 minute jog or brisk walk will surfice any vitamin. There is no substitute for a good healthy balanced diet too. This will give you most vitamins needed. Oh and a cup of green tea a day is noticable.

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Yeah, I get painfully tired without them. I cannot eat as much as I should most of the time, and we had a nutritionist help set me up with things that might help.

I am, however, abnormally in tune with the effects of medications on my body. I am on a number of pills for specific things, and can tell if I forgot to take anything based on where the tired feeling is coming from, or where the headache is, or the like.
The significant different that I feel when I do or don’t take vitamins could be much less significant to a person who isn’t attending to that.

When I completely forget to take the vitamins for a few days, I start to feel it. It usually takes me another day until I realize that i’ve forgotten to take them and that’s why I’m so droopy. They don’t have quite as strong a feeling to them as forgetting my strattera (that i’ll know within two or three hours of missing it) or something of the ilk.

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I usually do feel a difference. I take a multivitamin whenever I’m watching my diet and stepping up my exercise. So, I think when my calorie intake is on the low side I must be missing something vitamin-wise. I do feel better the next day if I take it again.

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Vitamins, the world’s most expensive placebo

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When I don’t take vitamins I slowly start to feel worn out, so the difference isn’t really noticable at first, but once I start back on them, I do notice more energy like delirium. I can’t eat much either, so I think it helps replace some nutrients I may not get otherwise.

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What about omega-3s and vitamin D (I live in Portland)? I take those religiously. And a handful of lysine every once on awhile to clear up my skin.

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I found a pretty good article listing the pros and cons of taking vitamins.

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@nocountry2: lysine also helps conquer canker sores! I take one whenever I feel a potential sore in my mouth, and the sore never appears in full.

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I take a cholesterol drug and a doctor said taking co-enzyme Q could be very helpful. Who know. All I know is that when I take vitamins my finger nails grow much quicker then if I miss a few days of taking them.

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The only times I’ve ever noticed any difference at all was during pregnancy (pre-natal vitamins really do make your nails and hair grow) and when taking iron for anemia.

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Yes, I take them and yes, I notice a difference. I know that I am no where close to the 2000 calories a day recommended by the gurus. That said, it follows that I am not getting all the nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to perform its miracles of fending off sickness and restoration. There is quite a bit of science behind vitamins and nutrients also quite a bit of hype.

My own research has enabled me to bounce back from a breakdown which left me somewhat homophobic. Now, I enjoy being around new people again. This was not all due to vitamins; prayer was critical also. But this question was about vitamins – I can tell when I have missed certain ones.

The greatest testament is my Dad. He had basically lost his vitality before we both started taking liquid vitamin and mineral supplements. Now he laughs, jokes, has a spring in his step and even his memory is a bit better.

Be Blessed

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So wait…your breakdown left you homophobic? How on earth did that happen?

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and vitamins cured homophobia?

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Sorry all, wrong, but related, -phobic. I was left anthropophobic, I did not have an aversion to any specific type of people, just all people.

A phobia is usually an illogical or exagerated fear. Fear is an emotion and emotions are bio-electro-chemical responses rooted in the brain. At least in my situation, as I added more “brain” nutrients to my system, I was able to bring my responses to a previous level of normal. Vis-a-viz I wasn’t scared to death any more.

Thanks for the question augustian!

Be Blessed.

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Imagine if all it took to cure homophobia was a few daily vitamins…

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I have Acrophobia. I wonder which vitamin would cure that?

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@scamp: Vitamin C for courage?? :/

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Well if you had a bottle of vitamins you could throw it at the spider.

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Thanks dlm812!! I’m eating an orange now. I’ll go stand on a ladder when I’m done and let you know if it works!! @Lightlyseared.. It’s fear of heights, but if I see any spiders once on the ladder, I will throw the bottle at it before I get down!!

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@scamp any idea what vitamins I need to cure poor reading

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Vitamin A and good writing.

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@Lightlyseared more carrots in your diet? :)

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@Lightlyseared at first glance, Acrophobia does look like Arachnophobia, so I don’t think you have to choke down any carrot juice just yet!

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