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Body paint for sports?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) September 23rd, 2007

What kind of body paint do people use for sporting events? We can’t ever seem to get the solid color that you see at soccer games. Whenever we do it, its got streaks and it cracks. Any suggestions? Googling body paint leads to all kinds of art sites, but nothing quite like what I’m looking for.

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usually, we (members of a High School swim team) grab “washable” paint so that it won’t stain you for too long, and if anyone is alergic we can wash it off asap (this happens every time we get a group together… get a wierd rash that goes away in about a week)
its pretty cheap, and it invariably cracks and streaks.
honestly, just slap it on pretty thick and it’ll stay pretty solid looking for at least 3 hours. Nobody can really tell its cracking unless they’re right next to you.
Something you might want to try (if that’s not good enough for you) is stretching your skin out a little while you’re putting on the paint, not just hanging out.
For example, if you’re putting the paint on your chest, lean back and pull your shoulders back. This way, it wont crack as much.

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