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What do you guys do to focus?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) January 13th, 2009

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I am just wondering what you do to focus. Particularly on getting things done like errands, chores, homework and regular work.

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Turn the lights up to full. Clear my desk and tidy the room. Open the window for a small while. Make myself a hot mug of tea (or get a bottle of beer, depending on what time I’m working). Sit down and make myself comfortable. Choose some music. Close any applications that are going to distract me. Open the project, and start work.

If I don’t go through that series of steps, I’ll end up getting nothing done.

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I like to start out by making a list beforehand of everything I need to do so I don’t miss anything. Then I prioritize my tasks by finishing the most important items first working backward to the little stuff and things that can be put off until a later time if that becomes necessary.

Around the house and sometimes at work, I’ll listen to music on my iPod because music relaxes me and even provides some motivation now and then. Another thing I like to do is think about fun things I will do after all the work and errands are done, kind of like rewards for my efforts when it’s all over.

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Lists, break it down, group like tasks, stay on top of picking up.

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• Be well slept
• Go for a little walk
• Make a list (idealy night before)
• Put on jazz or classical music
• Get crackin’

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subdivide it into smaller tasks, and make the list early on. Put it in a place where you’ll see it all the time, and scratch off items as you go.
The more you increase the frequency of successes (even if it’s something as small as taking the trash out to the curb), the better you’ll feel about getting everything else done :)
While I work, I listen to my favorite upbeat songs, so I get pumped.

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Much like richardhenry, everything has to be tidied up before I can clear my head. I also have a list that transitions from day to day (a notebook actually). For example my list today is divided into three sections; errands, phone calls, and general. I moved two things over from yesterday that I never got to. The notebook is nice because I can make notes in it, etc., and it’s small enough to carry with me. I also live & die by my Filofax. I tried a palm and other electronic things, but I need a pen & paper; and I also like seeing the month laid out before me so I can plan ahead.

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I chew gum. Nothing helps me focus better. I can’t focus if I am hungry, have to pee, am tired or want to take a shower. Once all of these are taken care of, I am comfortable and can get started working.

In all honesty, these only work in theory for me. What really helps me focus is the knowledge that this paper is due in six hours and I haven’t slept yet.

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Low grade amphetamines.

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