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What is gelatin made of?

Asked by Bvincent (3points) January 13th, 2009 from iPhone
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er… gelatin. Thats the name of the protien. It’s extracted from the collagen in animal bones, among other things.

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Gosh, I used to sort of like jell-o occasionaly. and then I read this:

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@bythebay: That link says “Gelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans”.... Gross! It comes from people!!!

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Hooves! I love calling Jello “Hooves” even though it’s not truly hooves. But yes, it comes from bones.

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@Grisson: That might explain where all those missing persons go; it’s a jell-o conspiracy. I wonder if they can also use the protein from the dead skin cells inside all the missing socks in the world. This could really be an episode of CSI.

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My mom used to make this weird savory, gelatin dish.
She used cow hooves. Not sure what the store bought stuff is from though.

If the ingredients say gelatin, then it’s from animal bones (and other parts).
But there’s also vegan ‘jell-o’ on the market. They probably use agar-agar (from seaweed).

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Jello is PEOPLE!

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Have a feeling this is going to be another Fluther meme. [chuckle]

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It comes from Jello-fish. Obviously.

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Knot, I knew you would clear it all up!

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Uber – you never cease to amaze & amuse! Lurve.

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