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How can Flickr fail at this?

Asked by ben (8715points) January 13th, 2009

So I’m a big fan of Flickr, but it blows my mind that they have this longstanding bug that doesn’t properly display images with transparency.

Look at and

This is their entire business, and they are some really smart guys. Can anyone explain this to me?

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Ben are those the same pictures that my life coach used during our “intense” sessions? It looks like it is…are you pulling my leg?

Are you talking about overlays? Does it not show overlays in photos like when shot in RAW or something of the sort?

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@judochop Those are icons for Remember the Milk, my new favorite productivity app. But it happens with almost every transparent png. See, for example.

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I have no idea why this is, but it is unfortunate. Have you contacted Flickr to complain?

I looked into Remember the Milk when I saw your Tweet about it. Cool stuff… Would it be just as useful for non-iPhone users?

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That’s broken.
I suggest a strongly worded letter, I would enlist Gail’s help.

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Ben has the same gene pool plus that from his mother. He needs NO help from me.

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Okay, all. I’ll give them a piece of my mind.

@shadling21 RTM is awesome, and I’m not even using the iPhone app. They integrate with everything.

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@shadling – I don’t have an iPhone and I love RTM.

As for Flickr – could it be that you’re not using the Flash uploader or something? I know that HTML form uploading can cause trouble, though I haven’t had problems with’s HTML uploader.

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When you “download the original”, it saves the file to your PC as in JPEG format.

That’s likely the source of the problem, since JPEG doesn’t support transparency.

So, besides that, add to the bug pile that they shouldn’t call it “download the original” when it’s really a re-formulated facsimile.

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