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Anyone celebrate NY today?

Asked by ribanac (10points) January 14th, 2009

Today is an old NY – 1 January. Is there any nations that celebrate this one? I mean countries, not churches or nationalities.

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Celebrate what about NY?

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New Year, I think, not New York.

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Happy January 14?

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Thanks loser! Same to you my firend!!

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I have a hamster named “Julius Ceaser” so I guess I will throw him a NY party when I get home because he lives on the Julian Calendar (which was in fact introduced by JC)


HAPPY old school NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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We use the julian calendar daily on my job, tennesseejac. The julian date, plus a 3 letter/number combo makes the confirmation number for our clients. lurve to you for mentioning it!

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I thought you meant New York…
I don’t fully get what you are saying.

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