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Router freezes when i use wireless and pppoe protocol at the same time. Why?

Asked by gciochina (107points) January 14th, 2009

Hello. I’ve got a SMC Barricade wireless router (SMCWBR14-G2). I connect to the internet wia a PPPoE connection. Everything is okay for as long as i keep the wireless module disabled. Once i activate the wireless module, the router hangs, i can’t connect to it anymore, and only a hard reset helps to get the router up again (but it’s reseted to factory defaults).

Normally the LEDs keep flashing but when it hangs, all leds (besides the WAN port) are lit but don’t flash anymore. I also noticed that while the whole router was freezed (could not connect to it’s default address - – ping not working also, the LAN ports were still operational, so i could actually see my other LAN computers.

Another thing i saw was that the router always died ONLY after i make the settings for the PPPoE connection. Why can’t i use PPoE to connect to the internet (via WAN) and wireless at the same time?

PS: I upgraded the firmware to the latest available (1.09) and the router still freezes when activating

If anyone can help, i’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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How old is the router? They tend to have a relatively short life span, in general.

Have you had a look through the SMC support stuff? ( You might want to try contacting them as their support staff should be in the best position to help you troubleshoot.

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