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What is your opinion of the new cast for the movie Star Trek?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) January 14th, 2009

The new Captain Kirk, Spoc, Scotty, and so on…bad, good. I’m just looking to hear some opinions.

I personally think the movie is going to be bad ass, as you can tell…my avatar is Kirk. if you’d like to see the trailer.

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They all look pretty cool, it will be interesting to see if the chemistry is the same on film as it was with the original characters

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I think casting Siler (Heroes) was absolutely perfect. And I think it’s funny that Harold (Harold & Kumar) is Sulu. I’m actually looking forward to the movie. I’m in no way a Trekkie, but I have seen every movie and I loved TNG.

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Teenage Star Trek? Are we sure this isn’t what killed Ricardo Montalban (RIP)?

I keed!

The origin story has to be told, I guess, but I won’t see this in the theater. My sci-fi jones is for the Doctor.

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i am excited about this movie! anything jj abrams will be fantastic! i don’t know much about the actors but expect it to be great.

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I can’t stop watching trailer…in HD…and about a week ago or so I’ve started re-watching the old movies….

@april really?! you are going to wait til DVD release?

@jfrederick yeah JJ Abrams has made some really good stuff, I can’t wait!

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@RandomMrdan – Even with Abrams at the helm, I can wait. I saw the trailer a couple of weeks ago at the cinema. My roommate squealed. My bland expression did not change. Star Trek’s just not my bag, man.

Now, if Abrams and Stephen Moffat got together and wrote a Who movie, well, that’d be a TARDIS of a different camouflage! :D

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I think the cast looks awesome, i really am looking forward to this movie. I really hope they continue to develop more movies and stories based on this cast. I could see them making a new story line, like not necessarily following the original tv show.


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Simon Pegg is Scotty. I’m seeing that.

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I’m sick of JJ freakin’ Abrams and his stupid more-questions-than-answers crap. But the Star Trek universe has rules. He can’t throw in a polar bear at the beginning and then completely ignore it for an hour and forty-five minutes before throwing in a half-assed explanation and hoping the audience had stopped caring about that particular point. So hopefully this won’t be awful. I don’t have ten bucks to waste if it is, though, so I’ll wait to Netflix it, I think.

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Couldn’t wait!

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@LKidKyle1985 I agree, the characters seem well-portrayed by these newbs, and Nimoy had nothing but good things to do about Sylar-man-Spock. I do agree that the chemistry is yet to be seen, although it’s bound to be better than Star Trek V, to say the least.

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THE CAST IS AWESOME! Siler (Heroes), Cameron (house), Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED! ! ! :D YAY

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Anton Yelchin plays Chekov, perfect! the lad is Russian in reality, and he is a “wery” gifted actor to begin with! Zach comes onboard with many credits, including his portrayal in Heroes. Simon Pegg was awesome in Shaun of the Dead and in the Third installment of Cruise’s Mission Impossible. Karl Urban was someone who at first I didn’t think would cut it as the irascable Doctor, but when I considered the diversity of films hes been in already, he just might pull it off with a line or two such as: “dammit Abrams, I’m an ACTOR not a DOCTOR!”
Eric Bana, I’m told almost steals the show as the big bad black hat heavy! All that said, you can’t manufacture chemistry between actors; its either there or it isn’t. We shall have to wait and see!

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For those who’d like to see the design of Abram’s Star Trek, starship Enterprise 1701, click on the link above. AWESOME! I love how they kept the torpedo bays at the conning, which extends farther back on the secondary hull than did the model in TOS, and the nacelles are so cool! As are the pylons that hold them babies aloft. I’m just DROOOLIN’!!!

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I think its crap ! And they are also making another film even tho this film has not been viewed yet. Trying to cash in on a dead franchise its going to fail

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@sandystrachan that’s why they are making them and because it’s “dead” it will have a lot of success.

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Sylar is a badd ass Spock. great chemistry between the two main characters, Sean penn was good as scottie as well

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@TheFonz_is : Sean Penn? :^>

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I think the cast did a fine job bringing new interpretations to characters that have been indelibly etched into fan consciousness, though I question one or two plot devices (but that’s another question.)

Most notable was Karl Urban whose portrayal of McCoy eerily invoked the memory of the late DeForest Kelleywithout being a parody. Chris Pine has the look of a young James Kirk, but I wasn’t entirely sold on him until the very last scene where Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise. When he enters the bridge, I caught a glimpse of the ”William Shatner swagger”, and the interaction between the bridge there captured the spirit of the classic tv series.

“Damned if that isn’t James T. Kirk!”

Overall…they passed with flying colors.

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The performance of all the actors are good. Its just the story of the movie that i not like.

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