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If you found a bag of cash?

Asked by cage (3111points) January 14th, 2009

I’m sure this has been asked before, in lots of different ways. But I’d like to know what people would say.
Picture yourself stumbling along a bag with, lets say, £5000/$8000 inside. You know you can get away with it, you know no one will ever know. tee hee hee What do you do?

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depending on where I found it I would keep it.

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turn it in to the police because it’s the right thing to do.

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Could i know whose person belongs to? if so, i’d probably like to return it the the owner, if not, i’ll keep it!

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Boring, but I’d pay off my debts and finally be able to figure out how I’m gonna pay for all my school fees that are stacking up right now.

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Bring it to the police and spend however long they hold it hoping REALLY HARD that nobody comes in to claim it.

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@asmonet thanks for your un-constructive ‘boring’ comment. I’ll make it my duty to let you know that your questions are boring the next time you ask something like “are you a man or a woman” “what kind of tree is this” and “does cruise control save gas” ooooooh exciting :D

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I meant that my answer was boring, but thanks for jumping the gun and down my throat.

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@asmonet no problem :)

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@cage sounds like somebody’s a little touchy today

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Turn it in, without a doubt.

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Big bag of cash = Big bag of weed

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And don’t pick on Asmonet!!!

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Similar situation happened to me, but with 1000 bucks, I kept it, so I would do the same with this.

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<<is lurved>>

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@everyone meh I’m tired

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Guess whose going to be partying for the next couple days…...

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@uberbatman your mum?

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@cage yea shes welcome to party too but shes gotta smoke a GINORMOUS bowl first to prove shes worthy :P

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@uberbatman awesome. I wanna party with your mum.
@peyton_farquhar thinking about it, my second response wasn’t that malicious…

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While cleaning a house, I had found a shoebox with neatly stacked and wrapped bundles of cash. I turned it in to the police.

They told me it was most likely drug money and would not be claimed. Thirty days later they called for me to come get it.

I went straight to the bank and we deposited $18,800 and I had no trouble sleeping.

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Feh! Why wouldn’t you keep it? Pushaw to all of you do-gooders who suggested turning it into the police.

Whoever dropped that money obviously didn’t need it badly enough to keep track of it.

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I gotta turn it in. Someone may really need that money; however, if they don’t claim it, I’m a little happier – my bank account is a little fuller! I’m not a spender- I have no idea what I would do with the money! Probably pay some medical bills!

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I would turn it in. What if it is the life savings of someone like that little old lady who accidentaly returned hers to the grocery store in a box of cereal or something?

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@jessturtle23 lmao, that old woman was clearly a legend.
The spotty teen behind the counter must have been like
“holy fucking shit balls man!”

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Thinking about this, who honestly carries around 8k in cash on them at any time? Ya know who? Drug dealers. Fuck em, im taking their money. They arent going to the cops for it anyway.

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@uberbatman great logic.
What if it was in a cereal box from 1952 then ;)

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@uberbatman Well then you’d get it back! It’s still the right thing to do. I couldn’t sleep at night if I just kept the money.

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It was a cracker box. I would add a link but I don’t know how.

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just place the url in here darling.
or if you want to be fancy go crazy old woman gives teen behind counter biggest mental erection of his life

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I’m only human so my first instinct would be to keep the money. In actuality, I would turn it in to the police because that is the best course of action and my conscience would haunt the hell out of me if I kept the cash and spent it.

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First off, I would take it home and not touch it for a few days (well, maybe I’d play with it, get naked and roll around in it, but I mean I wouldn’t spend it). I’d keep an eye on all the local media for about a week to make sure I didn’t hear any stories about some little old lady losing her life savings in s cracker box. Assuming I did not (and I think it’s a pretty safe bet that I would not), I’d definitely keep it and pay off some bills with some, spend the rest.

Here’s the thing, you see that much money just lying around, I’d be wiling to bet my left nut someone was up to no good. I’m going to say there’s even a good possibility that this was a money drop and what’s going to happen is one dirtbag criminal is going to go to pick it up and think the other dirtbag criminal who actually dropped the money off was trying to pull a fast one, and bam, one less criminal running drugs, one more taking a concrete nap. No big loss. But just in case, I’d hold off for a week.

And I’ll tell you another thing that I’ve learned, when you return found money, people are NEVER grateful or even gracious in this day and age. Lemme tell you a story, it’s New Year’s Day, 1998. I got a newspaper that morning and there was a deal where if I bought 10 frozen entrees (that I was eating at the time anyway), and send in the receipt and the UPCs, and sent them in, if mine was one of the first 98 envelopes received, they’d send me a check for $98 (alas I never got a check). I had that in the mail within an hour, then I was walking through a parking lot and saw a check made out to a person, for $98. The 98s were getting weird. The thing about this check is, it was endorsed in blank, meaning the payee had signed it on the back, with no “for deposit only”: or “pay to the order of” or anything like that on it. I know as an accountant, that a check like this is (or at the time was…probably has changed since 9/11 and the PATRIOT ACT), just like cash, I could have cashed it, deposited it, whatever and kept the money. But it WASN’T mine. So, I had no idea how to contact the person the check was made to, but I did call the person who wrote the check.

When I called them and told them what happened, and said, I was just looking for the phone number of the person so I could arrange to get the check to them, they gave me attitude, and basically said they’d take MY information, and they’d call that person and then get back to ME. So, I had to wait around for a call back, and finally the person who the check was written to called me and told me where I was to mail the check…no offer to get it, no thank you of any kind. I mailed it, never got a call or a letter or anything to even thank me. Mostly they just acted like they didn’t trust me and had to make sure I was on the up and and up, when what had happened was they had dropped the check on the way to the bank to deposit it.

So, the next time I found money, I kept it, and never looked back. I was at a Menard’s, and I went into this model unit of a sauna (not hooked up or anything). I dunno, just killing time, and I saw this little cubby hole with a slide door. I just peeked inside and found $142 in cash. I talked to my wife, who is the most honest person I know, and she has often said she would never do x, y or z, because “if it’s not mine, it’s not mine.” But she immediately said we should keep it, because that was not an innocent act, first of all…one of two thing was going on, either someone was using that cubby hole to exchange drugs for cash, or an employee was embezzling and hiding the money there until he/she was sure he/she’d gotten away with it. We both figured, fuck whoever did this, it serves them right. Second of all, if we contacted someone at the store, it’s less likely for us to find an honest employee who wouldn’t keep the money himself than it would be to find a person who would find the rightful owner (not that this would even happen anyway) .

And the cops, I’m sorry but I don’t trust them based on my interactions with them in my area. One time my apartment was robbed…the cops pretty much did nothing and said they weren’t taking fingerprints or anything because, “maybe if they were Columbo” they could do something. These ideiots would keep the money for themselves.

So yeah, if there’s a hell, maybe I’ll go there, maybe I’ll be judged harshly, but I find when something like THAT happens, you’re only gonna get screwed doing the right thing. I think of it as all balancing out, plenty of bad shit happens…hey I just had to plunk down over $5k for a new furnace…less than a year ago I had to plunk down $5k for a new transmissions…shit happens and really good fortunate things happen…if you just bend over and take it when the shit happens to you, then piss all over your good fortune when good things happen, then you’re a friggin’ fool.

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@dalepetrie I’m sorry. I didn’t read that. I did how ever read from
“shit happens and really good fortunate things happen…if you just bend over and take it when the shit happens to you, then piss all over your good fortune when good things happen, then you’re a friggin’ fool.”
So I GA’d you for the good ending.

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Around christmas time a couple years back I found a blank check on my college campus that was signed. I mailed the check back to its owner. She sent me a christmas card a couple weeks later thanking me very graciously a million times over and wrote me a check for 50 dollars. I thought it was really nice and shows not all people are assholes. :)

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awww that’s nice.
Yeah I think I’d have to do the same in that situation.
I mean, if you filled it in and cashed it, you’d be tracked down immediately.

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Yup. Plus theres that whole name you can put to the money, and your actually TAKING it from them.I couldnt do that to someone. Now if i happen to just stumble across it, i have no clue where the hell it came from, its mine.

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About 10 years ago, my ex-husband found a $20 bill in our front yard the morning after Halloween. Nearby was an ATM receipt. He wanted to keep the money, since there was no name on the receipt. I insisted on trying to track down the owner. I took all my kids and schlepped across town to the bank listed on the receipt. The bank said they’d be happy to track down the customer, but just in case they took my name and address. Two days later a woman showed up at my front door with her child and a plant as a thank you gift for me. The bank had given her my information. She was a neighbor (whom I didn’t know). She was very grateful, and couldn’t believe I’d gone to the trouble of tracking her down instead of keeping the $20. I just told her that I remembered when $20 made a difference in my life, and hey 20 bucks is 20 bucks! It was a great learning experience for all the children involved. Years later my daughter found some money at her elementary school and turned it in. It’s the right damn thing to do. Period.

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I’d turn it in. A BAG of money? That shit is marked, yo.

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Money not earned has no value.

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My husband lost a wallet with nearly $1000 in it in the home Depot parking lot. About a month later we got a call from someone that they had it. We went to a trailer park in a part of town we didn’t even know existed to pick it up. The lady that had it didn’t speak much English but every penny was in the wallet. We figured that something probably happened in her life and she probably found the wallet when she really needed the money. We figured she ‘borrowed” the money and replaced it before she called us. We gave her $300.00 as a reward but I sometimes regret not just giving her all of it. It was obvious that it would have made a much bigger impact on her than it would on us.

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wow, there are so many stories on here of similar things happening, good and bad. dale’s story totally had me thinking ‘damn, i’d definitely keep it!’ but then judi’s story changed my mind. i’m not sure what i’d do. i’m normally an incredibly honest person, but i think it would depend on the exact situation. i really don’t know. i kind of just hope it doesn’t happen, because i don’t want to be the one that has to decide haha

btw when i first read the question and saw “bag of money” i thought of in the old cartoons and whatnot where there would be a little green pouch with a ’$’ on it and tonnnnns of cash or coins. if i did return it, i think i’d have to request that i get the bag, just for lols.

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Once I found myself walking a few blocks with 500.00 in cash. Nothing illegal, mind you.
I was a little nervous because I’m not used to have that kind of cash on me
and I wasn’t terribly familiar with the neighborhood so I felt kind of out of my element.

As I was walking, I was thinking:
Man, it would seriously suck if I accidentally dropped this cash.
What are the chances that whoever found it would really try to return it?
Actually, I should stop thinking so negatively because if the situation
were reversed I would totally try to return it to its rightful owner.
Well, if it was in a wallet and there was a way to—

I look down to find a gift certificate for four hundred and eighty something dollars.
It totally freaked me out. Made me think that some higher being
was trying to call my of-course-I’m-a-good-person bluff.

Seriously. What the fuck?

What were the chances that I’d look down to find something
like this just as I was thinking this thought? It’s not like I think about this often.
What were the chances that the amount was the exact* amount I was holding?
* The original amount of the gift certificate was 500.00…they had already used some of it.

I walk another four or five blocks back to the store in a bit of a daze.
After I finish paying the lady while gesticulating wildly about my odd incident,
I get back into my car and call the number on the gift certificate.

As I’m writing down directions to their store
the name of their address sounds quite familiar to me.
I couldn’t figure it out at first and then it hit me.
The jewelry store was THREE DOORS DOWN
from the place that I was heading to next—TWO TOWNS OVER.

Usually I’d chalk up coincidences to people’s tendency
to find patterns where there really isn’t any.
But, seriously. That’s just ridiculous.

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Great story Nimis! Were they able to track down the owner of the gift certificate?

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I can’t believe you read all of that!

I’m not sure. Though the lady in the store
reassured me that whoever lost it would
surely contact or come back to the store.

I hope so!

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another great question form cage resulting in a few great answers and a load of good stories :D

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Was that previous quip written with an English accent?

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@Nimis if you so wish ;)

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Well, if that’s the case…[lurve].

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I wish. :P

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@everyone… you all wish.
And you can all have. Free sound coming from my delightful vocal cords for everyone! How fantastically wonderful :)

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