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Should I get a Motorolla KRZR or RIZR?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) September 24th, 2007

I am unsure of my preference in terms of sliding and flipping, but which has better overall quality and feature set. I read reviews on amazon and cnet, and stupid stats on the tmobile website, and they seem extremely similar. Does anyone have personal experience with either? I have pretty much narrowed it down to those two phones, but if you have other suggestions I’m open to that.

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I used to work for AT&T and we would try shy our customers away from purchasing any motorola products. After the razr had so many problems we had a lot of unhappy problems.

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sorry unhappy customers

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I often find myself wanting to use my Razor as a skipping stone on the nearest pond I can find. Because of it, I’ll never buy another Motorola product again.


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I had an equally negative experience with the Razr—mostly that it never stayed charged. You could charge it all night long and the battery would die again within a couple hours. They look pretty, but they sure don’t work that well.

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Look, there is something terribly wrong with the rizr /razr/ krzr line from Motorola. They are pieces of crap. But not all their products are – I had the rokr and it was one great phone that lasted a while. Something about the products that use those flat metal buttons though that is just waiting to break. I never bought one of the 3 other lines but for good reason, I’ve seen literally dozens of them break for my friends.

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