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is the Mini Cooper a professional enough car?

Asked by sparkky (93points) September 24th, 2007 from iPhone

I am wondering if this car is too goofy for me. Nice engine, great gas mileage, but is it too informal for a professional?

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It would depend on your profession and possibly the color that you are planning on getting.

I see nothing wrong with a black mini for a lawyer, as long as a young hip vibe is what you are going for.

Past that a mini is a great car for most creative professionals as it lends the “ooo Euro = style” mood.

I guess it all comes down too what your profession is and what is the stereotype for that profession and are you willing to bend or break that stereotype.

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It depends on the profession. A Mini would be great for some lawyers, but bad for a realtor, who frequently has to transport clients.

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For what it’s worth, the Executive Director of my large non-profit drives a Mini Cooper, and he is very professional, Harvard grad, spends time shmoozing big-wig politicians & wealthy donors—so that seems professional enough to me… I also have a friend who is the Deputy Editor of a national magazine and she drives a Mini Cooper as well. Stylish and also gets good mileage. The fact that you can park in almost any spot seems like it would be very appropriate for an urban professional.

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Minis are like the cool little bros of bmws. I think its professional looking as long as you dont get it in a crazy color. If you dont have to drive clients around (minis are on the small side) it should be fine.

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I think you can justify it even further if you go in for the Anglophile options re paint, colors, etc. Then the Mini becomes more of a personal expression rather than just what you call “goofy.” You might also wish to wait for a bit until the “Clubman” model comes out, which will be a bit longer and have more room, and imho, looks more proportional.

I’m sure Minis pass minimum crash test requirements, but my concern with a Mini (other than needing a shoe horn to get my butt in and out) would be simple physics. Mini v. SUV or commercial truck will tend to result in occupant of Mini more dead than not.

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Unless you transport clients, your vehicle choice is personal; and you should feel confident enough in your professional skills not to care what others think about your car.

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You may also consider your attitude about the car. If you think it’s goofy you may begin to think people think your goofy.

I had a friend who used to drive a Chevette she was very shy and had low self esteem. She switched to an RX7 and her self esteem took off it changed her life in a very positive way. The car didn’t change her life the way she felt about herself did.

I suggest getting a car that makes you feel great. Nothing like getting a boost to your self esteem after a tough day on the job. Makes it easier to go back and do it again tomorrow.

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Yes, if you carefully selectic the correct color and interior. You can personalize it for the best effect.

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Update: Mrch 24,2009
I forgot about this question!! I answered when it was first asked. It was several months before I purchased my Mini Cooper S, and I wasn’t even considering the Mini at the time. :-)

@sparkky: What kind of car did you get?

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